Immigration stance says much about Congressman Paul Ryan

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Is Paul Ryan talking nice about immigration with a Marxist Hispanic fellow congressman a tipoff he’s going to sell out American citizens? What’s in it for Paul Ryan if Hispanics vote eight to one for Democrats, according to Pew Research?

I know Karl (“Bush’s Brain”) Rove is running a consultancy scam, but Ryan must know his now misnamed “Path to Prosperity” PowerPoint presentation doesn’t include the $6.3 trillion cost projected by a now-fired PhD at the Heritage Foundation.

College graduates cannot find jobs, and Paul Ryan wants to import more cheap labor to “grow the economy”? Native-born employment fell in June, while foreign-born rose (-84,000 vs. +244,000), which has been the net trend since 2000.

Paul Ryan should really be calling the Democrats out for using minorities as political cannon fodder, not helping them sell out Americans.



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