Ringhand’s column ignores real risks

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It’s a baby! BABY! Not once does Rep. Ringhand mention that fact in her political rant on July 22. She claims that Act 37 “rips decisions” from women. Drama and inflammatory words aside, is it not prudent and compassionate to help prevent potential tragic mistakes? Without well-informed women, we run the risk of developing circumstances that “rip” babies from the womb.

In actuality, Act 37 educates and informs while still leaving the decision with the mother. With such high stakes involved, a lifetime of potential regrets, and a living human being in the balance, a minimal delay and minor inconvenience would seem reasonable.

A standing medical principle prior to any procedure is to have the patient informed and educated as much as possible regarding the risks and benefits. An ultrasound procedure in pregnancy can only add to the decision-making process and the long-term health of the mother, not to mention the baby.



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