Eco-terrorists harm Wisconsin’s economy

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Monday, August 5, 2013

The Democrat and mining opponents’ outrage about Gogebic Taconite hiring armed guards to protect its property from vandalism by environmental groups, labeled eco-terrorists by the FBI, is misplaced. The Wisconsin Reporter wrote that the anti-industrialization, environmental group Earth First! is trying to inflict as much monetary damage and fear on GTAC as possible.

Earth First! bloggers bragged about the violence and vandalism against GTAC committed by 15 protesters wearing masks. Their strategy: “Making the preliminary stages of this mine as expensive as possible to send a clear message to financiers that this is an extremely risky investment.”

“We were able to inflict damages upon the company in the form of an entire day of labor costs through the disturbance and subsequent police reports that their workers had to spend their shift doing, as well as shatter their sense of security,” a blogger bragged. A blogger hoped their illegal activity would force GTAC to hire private security and hoped their extremism would make the “security guards and mining managers cower in fear.”

Now that GTAC was forced to hire private security, which is what the eco-terrorists wanted, the Democrats are outraged? Violent political demonstrations led by protesters who insist “this is what democracy looks like” are harming Wisconsin’s economy. After seeing this, who would want to move to or expand in Wisconsin? That—not a private business protecting itself from eco-terrorists—should make Democrats outraged. It’s time for the media to report both sides of this story.



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