Sound Off for Sunday, Aug. 4, 2013

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

On politics: I have a wonderful idea: Let's keep politics out of the Rock County 4-H Fair and the Janesville Labor Day Parade. I'm tired of seeing that.

On dog shooting: Your headline referred to wounded spirits on Sharon Street. Yes, I do have a wounded spirit. I have a wounded spirit for that man that had to do what he had to do because there were people that didn't take responsibility for their animals.

On outdoors column: I really like D. S. Pledger's articles in the sports page. I look forward to them every Sunday, and they are very informative and easy to read.

On Twinkie shortage: Right after I read the article, I went to Wal-Mart, and they probably had 50 to 60 boxes of Twinkies. What's going on, Hostess? Are you playing favorites with the stores you're going to supply?

On city manager search: After reading the list of committee members selected by council President Voskuil, may I suggest she take a refresher course in diversity? Obviously, she doesn't know there are taxpaying citizens who don't have a title after their name but do have the right and intelligence to voice their thoughts and opinions. 

On political cartoon: The repugnant cartoon July 30 is a teaching moment. Liberals can't defend their ridiculous position that people shouldn't have to show an ID to vote because some people are too poor to afford a free ID, so they call the other side bigots. When someone calls you a bigot, what they are actually saying is shut up someone else might hear you and agree.

On Anthony Weiner: Why aren't Democrats in the media defending Weiner's behavior the way they did Clinton? Simple. Weiner hasn't won the primary yet. If he had and it was him against a Republican, they'd be doing just that, saying it's about sex and it's between him and his wife, but there's still time to get a different Democrat, so they're free to pretend they have standards.

On babysitting grandparents: I'm a loving, helpful grandma, but I just think that they are not teaching their kids reality. They make everything too easy for them by living through their grandkids, and it's hard for kids to stand on their own when the parents do everything.

On Gazette: Really? I just went to buy the paper, and it was $1 instead of 75 cents, and there are not any more pages. If you're going to be charging $1 for the paper every single day, you need to put more pages in it.

-- The Gazette's recent letter regarding the new all-access membership is deceiving. It clearly states that as a seven-day subscriber, we are an all-access member, but you need to read carefully to see that we are going to be charged more to be an all-access member.

On Evansville garbage: If Evansville decides to try automatic garbage and recycling bins, I would hope that they would purchase green or brown ones instead of the ugly blue ones that Janesville has. 

On litter: A Sound Off caller criticized smokers and ended with “the Earth is not one big ashtray.” No, it's one big dog toilet.

On state workers: For those who think that a 1 percent raise would be great, they should consider the fact that they gave us a 1 percent raise and took 14 percent away from us for our retirement and insurance. That 1 percent raise is not going to help us out one bit.

On taxes: So now the president is saying that we need to lower the corporate tax rate and use the additional money to spend on roads, bridges, education and green energy. So is the president now admitting that lowering taxes spurs economic growth and results in more money coming into the government? Apparently, the teleprompter must have been broken that day.

On Ryan Braun: They recently took a poll on how honest he is, and he is so bad they even figured Tiger Woods is more honest. You'd be hard-pressed to find any woman in the United States that could trust Tiger Woods, so that shows you how far down the ladder Braun is. 

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