Sound Off for Sunday, July 21, 2013

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Saturday, July 20, 2013
On Koshkonong case: The only winners are the lawyers on both sides, guaranteed fees forever (Page 1A, Wednesday). Our federal Supreme Court and our state judicial system, particularly the state Supreme Court, are broken and sick jokes. What is happening to our country?

On saggy pants: I go along with Green Bay, which doesn't want to see boys in saggy pants and their underwear when they are walking down the street (Page 2A, Tuesday).

On Zimmerman case: I am thoroughly disgusted with the justice system. Apparently, there is no such thing as justice. First it was Casey Anthony being acquitted. Now we have this wannabe cop being acquitted of killing a teenager.

-- It seems conservatives in this country are pro-life until the point when you actually leave the womb. After that, unless you're rich, you are on your own. Someone can murder you with their blessed gun and not be held accountable.

-- George Zimmerman had every right to defend himself after his head hit that concrete several times.

-- In the time it took to try Zimmerman, 1,100 black men were murdered in this country by other black men. While black-on-white crime is prevalent, white-on-black crime is rare. So much so that when race baiters like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton and the left-wing media think they have an actual case, they jump on it even if they have to invent the white guy.

-- The case was a lose-lose for everyone. A young man is dead, and, although found innocent of the crime, Zimmerman has lost his way of life forever. The case was terribly mishandled. The laws in Florida are so confusing and the media hype served as a highly biased plant on both sides. People are left with so many unanswered questions.

-- I fear our brilliant young president may have overlooked one small detail in his zeal to start a race war in this country for political gain. That detail is how the Hispanic community might view him and the Democratic Party lining up against one of their own, especially after that man has already been tried and found not guilty.

On columnist: Once again, Leonard Pitts is stirring the racial pot (Page 6A, Wednesday). How come blacks killing blacks as in Chicago doesn't get a whisper? He would have to blame the black men for that.

-- It's ridiculous the way this guy is a racist. Why are we paying for this? I've gotten your paper for I don't know how many years, and he doesn't say one thing about O.J. getting off killing two innocent people, and everyone knows he's guilty. This guy shouldn't be in our paper; I'm sick of it.

On deteriorating home: Regarding the South Jackson property, two wrongs do not equal a right. It is wrong for the homeowner not to comply with the city's rules, and it is wrong for the city not to have the homeowner do the proper thing. The right thing to do is to get this property fixed up to enhance the beauty of the Fourth Ward.

On front-page errors: On Tuesday I didn't have to look far for mistakes; “Cespedes wins derby title.” First you say he's an all-star; mistake No. 1. A little farther down, “Bryce Harper from the Washington Senators…” There's no such team. It would be the Washington Nationals. Do you have proofreaders? Maybe you should hire some. A lot of people need jobs.

-- On Milton Fire Department: Regarding Monday's front-page article on the intern,  kudos to the department and all volunteer fire departments that continually strive to make things better and take care of their communities. You sometimes hear negative comments about volunteers, but many people don't realize the hundreds of hours of training they put in.

On pet care: Try walking on the blacktop or pavement without shoes. Damn hot, isn't it? Please respect your dog's feet. Even though they have pads, it's way too hot to walk your dogs on the pavement when it's 95 degrees.

On troubled tenant building: How can the landlord at 12 South Academy allow a tenant to hang a black doll in effigy on the front porch (Page 8A, Tuesday) when a huge sign on porch states that people will be arrested for loitering on the porch? The landlord and police need to get control of this property before the tenants take their hate crimes to the next level.

On abortion law: The federal judge appointed by Obama blocked a portion of a new law that says doctors performing abortions must have admitting privileges because of course if the woman starts hemorrhaging you wouldn't want to admit her in a hospital and save her life because that would be bad for women's health.

On SpotLight on Kids: We attended “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” It was spectacular. The performers obviously loved what they were doing, and all knew their parts very well. Watching the kids dance and sing their way across the stage was very entertaining. We definitely will attend other SpotLight productions.

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