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Ted Peck

Outdoors talk with certified Merchant Marine Captain Ted Peck.
Ted Peck: Morals of morels
We should be thankful the DNR does not regulate morel harvest the way they do fishing.
Peck: Etiquette needed on Peshtigo River
Those who don't know, could get hooked
Ted Peck: Don't overthink hunting turkeys
Too many calls, too much movement can ruin a hunt
Spring turkey hunting begins April 19

The first of many spring turkey-hunting periods kicks off April 19, with opportunities to harvest what might be the ugliest bird on the planet until many folks' thoughts turn to muskies and morels.

Experience teaches the easiest and one of the...

Ted Peck: April is too short
Change in weather patterns over the years creates a change in fishing strategy.
Ted Peck: Plenty of fish tales on the Rock River
The key to any fish tale is to base the yarn on solid fact. Hydrologists say this is the highest Rock River levels have been in March for 29 years. That's a fact.
Ted Peck: Rock River walleye fishing facing perfect storm
We are at the cusp of this kind of fishery right now on Rock River. Fifteen-inch walleyes have an androgynous appearance.
'Handsock' variety is key to winter angling success

When I was a kid, I was notorious for losing anything not attached to my body.

This trait could border on dangerous during winter months, when lost mittens and hats can result in serious frostbite after just a few minutes.

Loss of a...

Lake Redstone a hidden gem
The reason Redstone is a worthwhile road trip is the “fishing to catching” ratio.
Ted Peck's 'Perchanator' a new panfish weapon
Ted Peck's 'Perchanator' a new panfish weapon
Perch are a perennial source of torment for rabid anglers.