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Bass celebrates another basketball title
Janesville Parker High graduate helps Phoenix Mercury capture WNBA championship; other local observations
State hunters can take aim at migrating teal
Monday at 9 a.m., Wisconsin waterfowlers will get their first shot at early migrating teal. The WDNR is participating in a three-year experiment permitted by federal wildlife managers, which allows harvest of this vanguard of webfoot migration in a special season which runs through Sept. 7.
Ted Peck: Simple tips for trolling motor maintenance
Ted Peck: Simple tips for trolling motor maintenance
Many trolling motor repairs are forehead-slapping simple and can be fixed while you're still out on the water.
Hunting season nears, but anglers still active
Hunting season nears, but anglers still active
In just more than two weeks, we will enter the fields with guns again, seeking both mourning doves and Canada geese.
Virus affecting carp enters Rock River ecosystem
A couple of significant carp die-offs in the Rock River's headwaters near Horicon Marsh late last month have been caused by the koi herpes virus, according to a state DNR biologist.
Mississippi River waters receding to improve fishing
Fish in the Mississippi and its myriad backwaters haven't seen many hooks since last year. Fishers are laughing from the soul at the lack of piscatorial continuing education, with any and all of the 104 fish species living here vulnerable to a tussle with the planet's ultimate predator.
DNR bass directives at Lake Owen likely to fall on deaf ears
The state would like largemouth bass taken from the pristine Bayfield County lake, but anglers have a habit of catching and releasing any bass they pull from the water.
St. Louis River a last spot to find walleye runs
Lake Superior affects the fishing on this waterway that separates Superior from Duluth, Minnesota.
Hooked: Panfish promote fishing habit
Frequency of catching spawning bluegill creates a fun fishing outing.
Fishing lures color our world
It's not uncommon to see an angler staring into the tackle box with a catatonic look on his face, overwhelmed with options. Choosing the easiest option first—lure color—can break the spell and get hooks in the water.