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Fishing lures color our world
It's not uncommon to see an angler staring into the tackle box with a catatonic look on his face, overwhelmed with options. Choosing the easiest option first—lure color—can break the spell and get hooks in the water.
Ted Peck: Bronco's Wisconsin River rodeo
Ted Peck: Bronco's Wisconsin River rodeo
Guide Kurt "Bronco" Schultz has angling skills far beyond his 34 years. He is on the upper Wisconsin River almost daily when winter cedes control.
Spring spawn makes bass fishing easier
Fishing doesn’t get much easier than you’ll find right now. Rudimentary angling skills and a variety of bait presentations will get your string stretched—once you find the fish.
Morel mushrooms spring up all over
The last couple of weeks have been ideal for finding freshly grown morel mushrooms and spawning crappies.
Under right conditions, catching muskies can be quick
The right combination of timing, location and luck makes it much easier to catch Wisconsin's state fish.
After 30 years, D.S. Pledger turns in outdoor pen
Outdoors columnist D.S. Pledger reflects on his three decades of writing for The Gazette.
Prospects better during late turkey hunts
Outdoors columnist Ted Peck shares his advice for filling a turkey tag.
Anglers set out across Wisconsin in search of walleye
As the walleye spawn winds down, location matters if fishermen want to snag trophy walleye.
Encounters with grizzly bears dangerous but uncommon
Before heading West to hunt elk in the Rockies, outdoors columnist D.S. Pledger brushed up on what to do if he were to meet a bear on his journey.
Rough fish deserve softer treatment
Rough fish such as carp have the reputation of second-class citizens, but prepared properly, they're still good to eat.