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Sound Off for Wednesday, July 27: building walls, media bias, Rep. Ryan

On Rock County register of deeds race: Sandy Disrud's opponent says (from a July 20 story, Page 3A) that he believes “explaining confusing policies and relying on staff members is essential to being register of deeds.” So...

Sound Off for Sunday, July 15: Melania Trump, budget woes, public notices

On voting Republican: Let's be frank and forthright: If you are not voting for Mr. Trump, you are in effect voting for Hillary.

On Milton Avenue traffic: Well, traffic is being compressed into one lane on...

Sound Off for Wednesday, July 20: Milton referendum, political ad, driving high
Sound Off for Sunday, July 17: police shootings, street projects, hummingbirds
Sound Off for Wednesday, July 13: Clinton's emails, I-90/39, goose poop

On Clinton's emails: This is on the FBI director choosing not to press charges against Hillary Clinton. The FBI director used the words, “extreme carelessness,” instead of using the words, “gross...

Sound Off for Sunday, July 10: Gambling machines, 43rd Assembly race, Hillary Clinton

On flying the flag: Every year on Independence Day it is disappointing to see how few flags are displayed. Our forefathers fought long, bloody, brutal battles to free themselves of British tyranny. Many of our sons and daughters have...

Sound Off for Wednesday, July 6: Paul Ryan, Milton referendum, Hillary Clinton
Sound Off for Sunday, July 3: Milton referendum, Rock County elections, Janesville schools, fireworks
Sound Off for Wednesday, June 29: Gun control, presidential politics, immigration, drivers
Sound Off for Sunday, June 26, 2016: Register of deeds race, Fourth Ward coverage, Paul Ryan, Leonard Pitts