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Our Views: Apply brakes to Walker's road test proposal

The state Division of Motor Vehicles road test, a rite of passage for many teenagers, represents one of the last hurdles between dependency and freedom.

Pass the test, get a driver's license. Fail, hale mom's taxi service.

The test is...

Our Views: Energy renaissance lifting up Rock County
An energy renaissance—made possible by hydraulic fracking—has accelerated the development of cleaner-burning power plants, such as Alliant Energy's plant under construction south of Janesville.
Our Views: Sport leagues protect only some speech
Our Views: Sport leagues protect only some speech
The WNBA is allowing Janesville native Mistie Bass to kneel during the national anthem. But let's not pretend the WNBA and other sport leagues are torchbearers of free speech.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, Sept. 26
Our Views: Academic freedom under fire

With UW-Madison at its epicenter, the UW System appears to be sinking deeper into the intellectual morass known as political correctness.

UW-Madison has unveiled a pilot program targeting 1,000 students devoted to improving race relations,...

Our Views: Economic recovery a mirage for too many
In our collective push to frame Janesville as an up-and-coming business center, perhaps we've oversold the depth of this economic recovery.
Our Views: Drug makers feeding opioid crisis
So long as drug makers maintain a grip on our nation’s capitol and statehouses, lawmakers will continue to keep the addiction spigot open.
Our Views: GM makes calculation to cooperate
General Motors likely recognizes that it would have a weak case in trying to claim others contaminated the Rock River near its plant.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, Sept. 19
Thumbs up/down to I-90/39 construction, Sunflower Challenge, trail expansion, new jobs, inflexible employers and more.
Our View: Council faces fork in the road with Freitag
The Sept. 29 meeting could lead to better communications or reinforce divisions among council members and City Manager Freitag.