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Our Views: It’s time to move forward with Janesville fire station
After considering the evidence, our elected representatives decided this spot and design were best. The 6-1 vote was solid.
Editor's Views: Wrong page prompts headscratching, thorough review
We published the wrong Page 3B in the April 13 paper. Instead of a page with timely sports content, we reprinted the 3B from April 2.
Our Views: 'Game-changer' for club in need of change
Credit former U.S. Sen. Herb Kohl for his deep desire to keep the Bucks in Milwaukee.
Our Views: Symphony’s changes could lead to more harmonious future
Perhaps most important, the Rock River Philharmonic will begin its new season in January with a diverse three-part performance series.
Our Views: Milton right in pushing state transportation officials to benefit business
Adding a bypass exit near the south end of Janesville Street would be even more expensive now that the bypass is open. Still, long term, that would be ideal.
Our Views: Caution: Rough roadwork funding ahead
Funding needs a long-term cash infusion, and Republicans controlling Madison are averse to higher taxes or fees.
Thumbs Up/Down for Monday, April 14, 2014
Thumbs Up to improvements in OpenBook Wisconsin, a court ruling demanding access to emails and St. Paul's Lutheran School readers; Thumbs Down to carelessness with "controlled burns."
Our Views: Applaud successes, but don’t oversell Janesville School District test scores
Sure, the district scored 7 percent higher than the state average in math and 4 percent higher in reading. But a chart in Tuesday’s Gazette tells a different story.
Our Views: Contract with GE a big step forward for SHINE's plans in Janesville
It confirms the confidence that astute, forward-thinking Janesville City Council members showed in 2012 when they approved millions in incentives to help SHINE build a factory here.
Our Views: Badgers, fans have 30 reasons to beam with pride
Our Views: Badgers, fans have 30 reasons to beam with pride
Upon reflection, the Badgers enjoyed a great year. It wasn't as spectacular it might have been, but it was impressive by any measure.