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Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, Jan. 23
Thumbs up to Nathan Chapman, brighter state budget and generic version of the EpiPen. Thumbs down to $17.9 million security proposal and candidates who don't pay their bills.
Our Views: Milton gambles on different outcome
From an oddsmaker’s standpoint, the Milton School Board made a savvy decision to hold a special election this summer and take another shot at passing a referendum to build a new high school. Of course, school board members cannot afford to count on their improved odds to deliver victory.
Our Views: Rep. Pocan acting like a 2-year-old
Rep. Mark Pocan's post-election pouting is a real shame because he represents a large portion of western Rock County, and we don't want Rock County associated with a congressman's calculated temper tantrum rooted in Hillary Clinton's defeat.
Our Views: Cuts to UW threaten to go too far
The state's four-year tuition freeze has reduced concerns about college affordability (at least compared to other states’ college systems) but has amplified concerns about the effects of perpetual penny pinching.
Our Views: School district puts common sense on ice
The Janesville School District's characterization of Monday's icy roads as “unexpected” was especially rich given that surrounding districts canceled school the previous evening in anticipation of an ice storm.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, Jan. 16
Thumbs up to restructuring TIF deal, better records availability. Thumbs down to nobody running for Delavan-Darien School Board, an emoji for a new Monopoly token.
Our Views: Region's fire departments are ripe for merging
In some ways, the biggest surprise with Monday's vote to merge Janesville's and Milton's fire departments was that it didn't happen sooner.
Our Views: Defending taxpayers from sorcery
The last time we checked, J.K. Rowling's backyard is in England, not Edgerton, and the city council rightly realized it has no business lavishly subsidizing celebrations for fictional characters, or non-fictional ones for that matter.
Our Views: School Board made right move with hiring
The board was so thoroughly and unanimously impressed with Steve Pophal, director of secondary education at D.C. Everest Area School District, that scrapping the Jan. 16 interviews was not only justified—it was the right thing to do.
Our Views: Thumbs up/down for Monday, Jan. 9
Thumbs up to Judge James Daley, Milton-Lader settlement. Thumbs down to "dark store" schemes and higher hunting license fees.