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Caroline Little: Newspapers are still here and still making money
Newspaper media are enjoying the largest audiences ever as well as continuing to play unique and critical roles in our communities.
Web Views for Friday, Aug. 22, 2014
Bill Lueders: Attorney general matchup could be November sizzler
It’s true both contenders in the Nov. 4 general election have ample resumes. But Susan Happ’s win wasn’t totally unpredictable because it was not totally unpredicted.
J.B. Van Hollen: Response team helps Wisconsin students stay safe on college campuses
It is estimated that one in five women and one in 12 men who enroll in an institution of higher learning this fall will be sexually assaulted before they graduate.
Local Views: Paul Ryan’s poverty plan comically ignores value of living wage
The briefest look reveals its one-sided approach. The plan reads like it was lifted from a conservative website.
State Views: Comment on plans to alter work rules for those with disabilities
Wisconsin’s plan has ambiguities and calls for more direction from several federal agencies, leaving Wisconsin adults with disabilities and their families in limbo.
Bill Lueders: Campaign cash buying more than just ads for Scott Walker, Mary Burke
Wisconsin's race for governor promises to be another high-profile, high-spending affair.
Web Views for Friday, Aug. 15, 2014
State Views: To stop income drain, keep reforming and reducing taxes, report suggests
On average, Wisconsin loses $136 million a year in adjusted gross income from residents moving to other states.
Your Right to Know: Attorney general rivals all back more openness
All four candidates agree that the state should not limit access to online court records on the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access website, commonly known as CCAP.