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Other Views: Pipeline protest protects water, sacred sites

Dear Sheriff Robert Spoden and officers dispatched to North Dakota,

Thank you first of all for your service and for answering the call of your fellow brothers in blue from Morton County, North Dakota. I understand and honor your commitment....

Your Views: Trump needs therapy, not keys to the White House
This GOP presidential candidate is telling us who he is. He flaunts his grandiose sense of self-worth, is arrogant, blustery and authoritarian.
Your Views: Wisconsin has become a 'rummage sale' state
We have allowed our state to become a “rummage sale” state where if you have the money you can make an offer.
Pommer: Do editorials affect election outcomes?

In the final days of the 1982 gubernatorial campaign, Democrats began running television ads showing newspaper editorials backing their candidate Tony Earl.

The TV scrolled showing the headlines on the editorials and the name of the newspaper....

Walters: College preparedness varies widely across state

A new report says 61 Wisconsin high schools each had 100 or more of their June graduates enroll as UW System freshmen this fall, and what percentage of graduates from each of those high schools needed remedial math instruction.

It showed a big...

Other Views: Secret funding shift hurts public education

Gov. Scott Walker refuses to fund road repairs with the revenue sources dedicated for this purpose by law—the gas tax and license fees. This has resulted in a billion dollar deficit in the roads budget.

The Walker policy has been to delay ...

Other Views: Big increase in funding for prison system likely

 Here are three things you should know about the state Department of Corrections (DOC) proposed 2017-19 budget, which the governor and Legislature must debate and approve next year.
Why should you care? Wisconsin's prison system got more tax...

Other Views: Move beyond complaints about Freitag

As a former council member who voted to hire Mark Freitag as city manager, I take extreme exception to the column (“Maybe time to part ways with Freitag,” Sept. 15) written by Russ Steeber.

Steeber was not on the council when...

Other Views: Rebuilding freeways is a need, not a want Craig Thompson
Walters: Republicans now say attempt to weaken Open Records Law was a mistake