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Other Views: Move beyond complaints about Freitag

As a former council member who voted to hire Mark Freitag as city manager, I take extreme exception to the column (“Maybe time to part ways with Freitag,” Sept. 15) written by Russ Steeber.

Steeber was not on the council when...

Other Views: Rebuilding freeways is a need, not a want Craig Thompson
Walters: Republicans now say attempt to weaken Open Records Law was a mistake
Other Views: GOP blocks way to lower student debt

Now that the fall semester is under way, students on campuses throughout the state are settling in to face the reality of funding their college education. Thousands of college students in Wisconsin will rely on student loans as the primary source to...

Other Views: Maybe time to part ways with Freitag

During my tenure on the Janesville City Council, I had the opportunity to work with two very different city managers with different management styles. During these 10 years, I observed their interactions with the council, staff and the public, which...

Other views: State not ready for downturn

With partisan primary elections over and legislative candidates making their final push for your vote, now is the perfect time to ask them how they think Wisconsin can better prepare for its next financial emergency.

It's a question most would...

Other Views: Dispelling falsehoods on Milton schools referendum

The purpose of this article serves to present factual information in regard to the Milton School District's Nov. 8 referendum. Erroneous and mythical implications have been increasingly rampant, both verbally and in written form. Such presumptions...

Other Views: Cooperation needed to combat CWD

More and more people across Wisconsin are hearing about chronic wasting disease. It's a prion disease that impacts members of the deer family, which includes elk and moose. Some states found it years ago and others just recently.

However, the...

Other Views: Democrats bet on four issues against Republicans

Democrats place four bets against GOP

Democratic legislative leaders Sen. Jennifer Shilling and Rep. Peter Barca have shown their election-year cards.

They are banking that four major issues—the state of K-12 public schools,...

Other Views: Keep our state government open and accountable
Gov. Scott Walker and Republicans aren't doing enough to keep government transparent.