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Other Views: Government’s role in responding to natural disasters has steadily grown
Today, we expect the White House and federal agencies to provide effective leadership in mitigating national disasters, which people until the 20th century fatalistically viewed as unavoidable “acts of God.”
Other Views: Congress must do its part to help the economy
Enacting reforms at the state level is only part of the equation to improving our economy and quality of life. Next, Congress needs to act to reform our backwards and outdated tax code at the federal level.
Other Views: Understanding history is vital to the Confederate monument debate
This is a controversy rooted in history, though there is precious little calm and serious discussion of the genesis in today's dangerous conflict, or even of the creation of the Confederate statues.
Other Views: Congress, stop the double-talk on tax reform
As a small business owner and a voter, I was promised tax reform, and the time has come for its delivery.
Other Views: Wisconsin has its own history of siding with white supremacy
What erupted in Charlottesville can arise anywhere in America—including Wisconsin.
Other Views: Saving the dam should be the city’s priority
We think city office holders should fulfill their civic responsibilities and work with the community, which has demonstrated broad support for retaining the dam and Monterey Park in its current configuration.
Other Views: Wherever they reside, Foxconn workers will boost Wisconsin tax collections
Local Views: Keep the city's soul strong
A library is the soul of the community. It welcomes all. It shows no prejudice or bias, and it reaches all ages and walks of life.
Other Views: Thank you, Wisconsin, for that beautiful gift

Friends in the Wisconsin Legislature, we beg you: Sign that bad deal with Foxconn.

It's the neighborly thing to do.

Best we can tell, it's a crap shoot as to whether luring the giant electronics company to Wisconsin would work out well...

Other Views: Three reasons why taxpayers should question the Foxconn deal
Foxconn bears no meaningful risk in this deal. All the risk and all the labor costs for the next decade and a half are borne by the beleaguered taxpayers.