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Your Views: Don’t tell someone suffering mental illness to ‘get over it’
People do not choose to have mental illnesses; these just happen. So why is it that they are treated like something less?
Your Views: Let's alter Child Protective Services System to keep dads in kids’ lives
Consistently and for years, courts have awarded custody to mothers despite the law that states mothers and parents are equal before the law.
Your Views: Planned Parenthood deserving of funding
According to Planned Parenthood’s website, only 3 percent of more than 9.46 million services provided were abortions nationwide in 2014-2015.
Your Views: Soft landing remains possible for Earth’s climate
Our future is contingent on the care, respect and love we give our earthly home.
Your Views: We do need divorce from government abuses
We’re in the midst of a nasty divorce from the damaging polices of the progressive/socialist/liberal advancements.
Your Views: Home builder seeking help from Speaker Ryan
I’m angry at the city of Janesville that gives millions in relocation enticements and financial giveaways to “worthwhile” corporations, yet it has no resources for me.
Your Views: Switch to state-run program might not help those with physical challenges
Does the new program improve the lives of the clients and caregivers? If the program hurts anyone, then shame on those who made the changes.
Your Views: Colorado caucus system surprises former Janesville resident
Voting for a delegate at a precinct and county level without knowing for whom that delegate would vote did not seem right.
Your Views: Offering food for thought for cigarette smokers
Every time you light up next to your friends, your family, your children—you are putting them at risk for those diseases that they did not ask for.
Your Views: Other avenues could solve Chicago’s rail congestion and leave farms here intact
Rock County already has three underused rail lines coming from the south. Upgrade one of those to handle the traffic this new one wants.