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Your Views: Immigration Reform Act would harm our economy
This 1,200-page amnesty bill has not been thoroughly analyzed and will have an adverse effect on our fragile economy.
Your Views: Janesville's Fourth Ward isn’t only area having crime, drug problems
Janesville’s No. 1 problem isn’t landlords, it’s drug users and dealers. Without a market for drugs, the dealers would be out of business.
Your Views: Let’s get rid of Scott Walker, our ‘divide and conquer’ governor
Act 10 was a blindside clip and caused upheaval. If Walker had campaigned on it and been elected, it would have saved millions with no protests—no recall!
Your Views: As senator, Brian Fitzgerald would be beholden to no one
He is a thoughtful, moderate Republican who’s capable of being his own man in an environment where it’s easy to go along to get along.
Your Views: Forward Janesville backs city’s streets referendum
The choice Nov. 4 comes down to whether to pay now or later. Deciding to pay now will get us a street maintenance program that our city can be proud of.
Your Views: A list of choices to consider Nov. 4
I urge you to vote for Mary Burke for governor, Janis Ringhand for state Senate, and Deb Kolste, Andy Jorgensen, Mark Spreitzer and Amy Loudenbeck for state Assembly.
Your Views: Brian Fitzgerald will offer refreshing presence
Brian is a thoughtful businessman who will be a refreshing presence in Madison's polarized political environment.
Your Views: Unlike Gazette, he’s supporting Brian Fitzgerald
Brian Fitzgerald will bring a strong business and community voice to the Senate.
Your Views: Let’s return to working together for good of all
To let those who are in power in Wisconsin continue their irresponsible “divide and conquer” policies would be to suggest that the status quo is acceptable. It is not.
Your Thanks: Helpful woman proves to be guardian angel
I was down on the sidewalk when a car pulled off Mt. Zion Avenue into a driveway and a young woman got out of the car and came up to me asking if I needed help.