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Your Views: Janesville Councilman Jim Farrell out of line at meeting
I heard Mr. Farrell's comments in the morning on WCLO about the petition drive and was furious.
Your Views: Janesville has too many crybabies
Who would be the first in line to complain if it took too long to get to their house for a fire truck or ambulance?
Your Views: Wisconsin might change disability services severely
The plan would deny funding to any organization that provides services in a setting with mainly disabled people.
Your Views: Law enforcement will target drunken drivers in Wisconsin
even though drunken driving is preventable, too many people still get behind the wheel when they’re impaired. Innocent victims are killed or injured nearly every day.
Your Views: Gazette story on domestic violence raises questions about guns
why aren’t the guns confiscated by the police right then and there instead of waiting a month to make sure the violator brings it in voluntarily?
Your Views: Paul Ryan deserves thanks for trying to help poor
Contrary to liberals’ dishonest attacks that this would cut aid to the poor, states would get the same amount of money as under current law, not a penny less.
Your Views: Janesville's housing code must change these ways
The attitude of Janesville's attorney effectively means “Janesville against citizens.” This needs changing so he represents all citizens.
Your Views: Are immigrant children really safe in our country?
Who verified that the children’s parents gave informed consent with full knowledge and understanding of this procedure and its risks?
Your Views: Without robust UN, how will we survive?
Global emergency after global emergency arises. Who is in charge? I gave my farm to Michael Fields Agricultural Institute because I was too old to cope with honeybee kills.
Your Views: Gary Groelle has training, skill to tackle big issues in Rock County
Gary has a great desire to address two huge issues that continue to plague our communities in an ever-increasing degree—drug addiction and violence.