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Your Views: Janesville has problems, starting with GM cleanup

Is it just me, or has the city sat on its duff for all these years in making GM clean pollution to the point that it will cost taxpayers to do so?

Here we are with a pollution problem and a slum that is a disgrace to the city and who will get...

Your Views: Welch cares about all residents
Over two years ago, a controversial proposal for an industrial park and Interstate interchange began threatening my neighborhood and way of life for numerous rural residents.
Your Views: Disrud knows the inner workings
Sandy Disrud is the only choice for the Rock County register of deeds position.
Your Views: Clinton is clearly a pathological liar
On the night terrorists killed four Americans in Benghazi, Hillary Clinton emailed her daughter and said it was a terrorist attack. She repeatedly told Americans it was reaction to a video. She lied.
Your Views: Rep. August has a poor record
Rep. Tyler August (32nd Assembly District) has been a part of the destruction of our civil service system, the de-funding of our public schools and the cuts to our university system.
Your Views: Program helps kids suffering from abuse

I spoke to a grandmother this week to learn about her experience with Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Rock County, and the two volunteers that were appointed to advocate for her grandchildren.

She reminded me of why I have come to...

Your Views: Nass' attack shows why tenure is needed

I congratulate The Gazette for its editorial (“Sen. Nass' meddling unwarranted,” July 14) criticizing State Sen. Steve Nass's attempt to interject the Legislature into the course content of a university instructor. This is only the latest...

Your Views: Kvapil didn’t understand, but FACT members did

Why is it that Brian Kvapil is quick to criticize the process that he didn't understand? Why is it that after numerous meetings, extensive discussion and a unanimous vote, that Brian now claims he didn't understand the question? The meetings were...

Your Views: Trump speaks the truth on immigration problem

Most politicians and columnists are castigating Donald Trump for stating that we should hold off on accepting more immigrants until it can be determined if they are involved with terrorism or not.

Having only watched the TV news, read...

Your Views: Nehlen has questionable credentials as businessman

Paul Nehlen supporters are making numerous unsubstantiated charges against Speaker Paul Ryan, including that Ryan is undermining Donald Trump's proposal to enforce existing immigration laws.

It is a fact that we are not going to deport the 11...