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Your Views: Corporal punishment of children is wrong
Is corporal punishment of a child the right thing? William Hazlitt, the English essayist and philosopher, narrates a personal anecdote.
Your Views: Paul Ryan has betrayed his constituents, country
Citizens in the 1st District do not have representation, and many feel we finally have a choice with his opponent, Paul Nehlen, who is running against our beloved “RHINO.”
Your Views: If he rejects vile Trump, Ryan will go down in history as hero
Show at last some decency, Mr. Ryan, and reject this vile person. Stand up for America and do the right thing, not the expedient political thing.
Your Views: Outgoing Fourth Ward leader appreciates efforts of Janesville City Manager Mark Freitag
When Mark Freitag arrived, there were issues on the agenda that had been there for a long, long time. It took Freitag three meetings to resolve the issues.
Your Views: Joe Six Packs back Trump, are weary of establishment
White collar, blue collar, open collar—Joe Six Packs are sick of establishment candidates, such as Hillary, for example.
Your Views: Report didn't detail whether shooters had legal possession
Regardless of the “weapon,” it's the individual behind it who is causing the crime, the injury or death.
Your Views: Some struggling to jump on Trump’s bandwagon
He won the primary and already insulted everybody he could possibly insult, so he might become known as the insulter-in-chief if he wins the presidency.
Your Views: Why include allegations about Janesville Craig player’s former tennis coach?
I doubt Christian Voskuil thought you would find it necessary to include unsubstantiated allegations about his former coach.
Your Views: How can United States make a fair, flat tax?
Those who benefit most from being American should pay more than others—a high percentage more, and they shouldn't whine about it.
Your Views: Woodman's plan for cage-free hens deserves applause
It is humane and hardly unreasonable to expect that chickens have room to do more than turn around, flap their wings, and take two or three steps in any direction.