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Your Views: End two-party corruption, back Gary Johnson for president
A Libertarian is an honest Republican. That’s why Paul Ryan didn’t endorse Gary Johnson and get rid of this nightmare Donald Trump.
Your Views: Paul Ryan shows desperation in endorsement of Donald Trump
What makes Ryan think that dressing up issues with voluminous verbiage will cause his wing-nut factions to unite?
Your Views: Paul Ryan must get fully behind Donald Trump and only criticize him privately
Trump is the nominee for the Republican Party. If you knock or don’t support Trump, it’s like a vote for Hillary.
Your Views: Would you want your beer buddy running our country?
The only reason Trump wants to be president in the first place is so he can be the “boss” of the country, not to help or advance his own party.
Your Views: Author takes exception to H-1B attack on Nehlen
It is virtually impossible not to work for a large company that has not applied for H-1B visas.
Your Views: Professional delighted to return, help his city
I am happy to be back in the community that gave me so much as I was growing up.
Your Views: Stop ideological nonsense; let's have honest debate about national security
Labeling all Trump supporters as racists and hate mongers eliminates any common-sense debate about our country's safety.
Your Views: Will cancerous injections keep plaguing our politics?
Has this cancer taken such a hold that we as Americans no longer believe in the same values our Forefathers did?
Your Views: Let council, staff know what’s important to you in Janesville
Our staff works hard to create a budget that reflects operating and capital spending consistent with the city’s strategic goals and core services most important to citizens.
Your Views: Paul Ryan’s endorsement of Donald Trump is tragedy
Ryan appears to be so desperate to advance his agenda that he is willing to sign a devil’s bargain with Trump in exchange for the soul of his principles.