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Your Views: Letting Native Americans hunt at night isn’t sporting
Will allowing Native Americans to hunt at night be sporting, temporarily blinding an animal and then slaughtering it because it has no chance to escape?
Your Views: Proposed Milton school spending is spree taxpayers can’t afford
People in the school district will be getting a survey about this. I urge them to fill out this survey and say “no” to every one of these survey questions.
Your Views: Wilson’s leadership helps write next chapter at Milton library
Our expansion project could not be in better hands. Bill Wilson, working closely with Library Director Lisa Brooks, is leading us into the future.
Your Views: Is Paul Ryan really right guy to lead House as speaker?
Perhaps Ryan can grow the economy by turning the old GM plant into an immigrant processing center.
Your Views: Every day is Veterans Day at Madison VA Hospital
Our staff of 2,000 employees and 800 hospital volunteers works tirelessly to deliver the best patient experiences and outcomes possible.
Your Views: Gazette reports overstate Lake Koshkonong’s summer depth
You would think proponents of higher summer water levels were asking to raise the water level 7 feet instead of 7 inches!
Your Views: Veteran appreciates thanks, calls for moment of silence Wednesday
Everywhere I go in Janesville, people come up to me, shake my hand and tell me “thank you for serving.” I always respond by saying “thank you for saying so.”
Your Views: Take time out Wednesday to attend program, thank a veteran
Please consider giving a few hours of your day Wednesday to pay tribute to all veterans who wore the many uniforms and defended this great country.
Your Views: We can bomb world to pieces but cannot bomb it to peace
I will always work for peace until all attempts to negotiate the conflict have been exhausted.
Your Views: A Veterans Day message from one who's been there
Your Views: A Veterans Day message from one who's been there
Stay loud, stay proud and never apologize for being right, writes Vietnam War veteran Steve Manthei.