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Your Views: Let's work together to change minds, actions about racism
We witness racism, both overt and covert, in our own communities and our country. Recent racially motivated tragedies have brought this truth to our consciousness.
Your Views: City of Janesville shouldn’t just settle suit brought by ex-teacher Maria Caya
She and her husband should be ashamed of themselves and concentrating on getting her treatment rather than getting vindication of actions she put upon herself.
Your Views: Was raw milk really to blame for Durand illnesses?
The truth is that those people in Durand who became ill at the party could've gotten ill from other food at the party.
Your Views: Outgoing county clerk, Lori Stottler, appreciates trust, support, friendships
This is an amazing county full of caring, diverse and resilient people who take great pride and care for our history, traditions and future.
Your Views: Enough marriage exists to go around for all
Maybe the key is “not sex, but true love.” A mature commitment, achieving responsible pair-bonding.
Your Views: Editorial on Janesville School District health benefit merits more detail, apology
This problem needs to be addressed legislatively at the federal and state levels, not by selectively singling out a local group of dedicated people.
Your Views: trade proposals would harm US sovereignty
Once again, Congressman Paul Ryan favors more bad trade treaties that will send more jobs to low-wage countries while our manufacturing base is on life support.
Your Views: Money, sewage plant's capacity, lacking in Milwaukee arena issue
I think it is inevitable that Milwaukee will have to upgrade and expand its treatment plant at a cost to the taxpayer.
Your Views: You can help save lives on Wisconsin's roads
As we enter the busy summer—typically the months with the most fatalities—we urge you to buckle up, slow down, pay attention and drive sober.
Your Views: Cut of diversity specialist gives black eye to Blackhawk Tech
Wanda Sloan not only assisted in bringing students of all backgrounds to the college but led the way in educating the community and staff in cultural competency initiatives.