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Your Views: Democratic dogma takes aim at Constitution
The left is moving to disqualify people with strong religious beliefs from influencing our culture and government.
Your Views: Trump speech signals nation’s return to the Constitution
Your Views: Liquor license approval not in neighborhood’s interest
Your Views: Too many Christians unwilling to listen to God
It seems that prayer meetings have become an effort about convincing God to answer and to provide on our terms, rather than listening to His voice as to how we can be enabled by Him to provide for and impact on His terms.
Your Views: Partnerships play key role in downtown’s success
Ongoing efforts by downtown property owners to create a business improvement district (BID) are only the latest in a series of consequential decisions made by public and private stakeholders aimed at revitalizing downtown Janesville.
Your Views: Team truly represented community at world series
Your Views: Lawmakers find a way to do dumb things
Your Views: Amphitheater project shows city has attitude problem
I grew up in Janesville. Janesville has an attitude problem. My guess is that it comes from having life easy because of the General Motors money brought into town with inflated paychecks and benefits.
Your Views: Big-money interests need to be reined in
How many billionaires were there in the U.S. in 1956? The answer to this question is zero. Even the wealthiest man at the time, Paul Getty, wasn’t a billionaire. Today, there are 565 billionaires.
Your Views: Health care for local, low-income residents threatened