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Your Views: Tax ‘reform’ is about ceding control to corporations

Does anyone really think that giving large corporations millions in tax breaks will suddenly incentivize them to invest in capital or hire more people? If so, Rep. Paul Ryan has a tax plan for you. These corporations are literally swimming in cash now....

Your Views: Maybe consider taking a couple years off from hunting
Your Views: Writer misrepresents dispute, ignores right-wing violence

I had to respond to Steve White's letter to the editor Thursday (“'Resist' movement leading to violence”). What complete nonsense. The assault on the senator was a neighborly dispute over a pumpkin patch. Nothing political about it....

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Your Views: Story about lawsuit wasn’t fair to deputies
I was appalled when I read the article of alleged excessive force (Thursday, Page 1A) by three Walworth County deputies.
Your Views: History needs to be corrected in indigenous people’s favor
Your Views: Trump is making America great (no thanks to the left)
I know God uses unlikely people to do his will, and I feel he has the hand of God on him everyday.
Your Views: Who pays for tax cuts for the rich? Hint: not the rich
I am sure everything has been said that is worth saying about the budget put forth by the Republican Party, but I wanted to appeal to the common sense of people since it seems to be in short supply in our political arena.
Your Views: Don’t stand under this trickle-down proposal
Your Views: Don’t believe attack ads. Tax plan favors the rich