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Your Views: Voters should discern who really is a Christian
We could hope that more individuals, including voters, would become as discerning as possible regarding who really is a Christian.
Your Views: Look at what Scott Walker has done to Wisconsin
He has attacked education by cutting funds to schools and districts, giving large tax breaks to large corporations, and is doing everything he can to destroy unions.
Your Views: Will whomever we elect really be our savior?
World turmoil has decayed morality and pitted family against family with no regard for life.
Your Views: Sen. Scott Fitzgerald’s proposal is small-minded tactic
Cynics could argue that legislation recently introduced by Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald is nothing but an attempt to keep Mark Harris from running for Senate.
Your Views: Daniel Johnson has right traits to serve as Walworth County judge
I believe that Daniel Johnson possesses the appropriate character traits to be an excellent judge and is the best candidate among the three.
Your Views: Daniel Johnson possesses experience to serve as Walworth County judge
I have reviewed Daniel Johnson’s work since he became family court commissioner. I have no doubt that he possesses the experience to be an excellent judge.
Your Views: Why not support carbon tax so all breathe cleaner air?
Why are Speaker Paul Ryan of Janesville and the Republican majority in Congress against a carbon tax? Why does Ryan want to expose his family to poor air quality?
Your Views: Don’t waste tax dollars converting Milwaukee Street in Janesville
The Janesville City Council continues to come up with ideas to spend and spend. How about a new approach—save?
Your Views: He finds Madeleine Albright's words at Hillary Clinton rally appalling
We have two former female U.S. secretaries of state telling women, young ladies and female children they are going to hell for not supporting Hillary!
Your Views: Dan Necci’s passion, sincerity make him best fit for Walworth County judge
Dan Necci has a love for his community, proven diligence to the people of Walworth County, and many years of experience to be our next county judge.