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Your Views: Former Sen. Cullen in no position to throw stones
Cullen has to have been one of the worst senators this state has had in 65 years.
Your Views: Republicans must get after bigoted Donald Trump
The other Republicans should get after Trump or they will lose the election. Don't be stupid! Don't give the presidency away to Hillary because of a bigot.
Your Views: Does Obama have a clue about world happenings?
If Obama's comment about the Paris attacks isn't a callous attitude, then I don't know what is.
Your Views: Janesville businesses that pass alcohol check earn kudos
Alcohol compliance checks are a useful tool in our efforts to keep Janesville youth safe.
Your Views: Skenazy column on Yale, protests strikes chord
I am a regular reader and consider Lenore Skenazy a voice of sanity in an increasingly wacko society.
Your Views: Paul Ryan, Congress earn applause for clinical trials act
The Ensuring Access to Clinical Trials Act will make it easier for individuals to participate in clinical trials for rare diseases and conditions.
Your Views: Let’s upgrade habitat for monarchs and more
If we're really interested in doing what we can, locally, to bring back the populations of all our beautiful and useful native insects, planting milkweeds can be one step.
Your Views: Kidney transplant waitlist needs new ideas, perspectives
Those lucky enough to receive transplants can expect to wait an average of three to five years before receiving them.
Your Views: We need president who won’t cut armed services
Our president has made this a nation that has forgotten how to win, and if we do not change our calculus when it comes to war, we will not disrupt the pattern.
Your Views: Letter from Madison VA distorts picture of wait times
My recent terrible experiences at the Madison VA involved wait times ranging from near 30 days to nearly four months for needed surgery.