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Your Views: Cartoon blasting gun rights proves counter-productive
Does anyone really think tighter controls over the manufacture and sale of firearms will keep guns away from violent people?
Your Views: Carly Fiorina offers much to like as presidential candidate
Our federal government, a gargantuan malignancy, is a paragon of bloat and inefficiency. The nation needs someone in who isn’t afraid to clean house.
Your Views: Where is Gazette’s apology to Carla Quirk?
Since the trial, I have not seen an apology either to Carla Quirk or for your misuse of the media.
Your Views: Groups raising awareness of prescription drug abuse
Two-thirds of teens who report abuse of prescription medicines are getting these from friends, family members and acquaintances.
Your Views: Shouldn’t seniors be priority at Janesville Senior Center?
It seems to be used more and more for civic events.
Your Views: Compare mass shootings in U.S. to experiences elsewhere
We had 294 mass shootings where four or more people were killed or injured by gunfire in the first 274 days this year.
Your Views: Re-evaluate needs before expanding more highways in Wisconsin
The state has approved massive highway expansions such as I-39/90 with little scrutiny, justifying lane additions with unrealistic predictions of traffic volumes
Your Views: Former Janesville Mall manager offers insight, corrects story
You can bet that the mall owners knew of JCPenney's need to close stores long before it became public knowledge and had started working on replacement tenants.
Your Views: Why let Craig High students in Janesville ignore ID requirement?
The underlying problem that is being created ... is that some are allowed to do as they please while the people who do follow the laws get continually resentful!
Your Views: He finds Donald Trump mild compared to these outrages
I may not vote for Trump, but his lack of political correctness is refreshing to a society that lives and breathes it.