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Your Views: Sony situation might signal even greater threat
Is there collective will as well as intellect compared to past generations sufficient to successfully combat a new normal in technological warfare?
Your Views: Pelosi's short memory scores political points on torture
As far as “values” are concerned, now it appears drones firing Hellfire missiles into a wedding party and killing a number of people other than the “target” is OK.
Your Views: If we turn to the Lord, he will hear our calls
When we as a nation get on our knees and call out to God, then he will hear us.
Your Views: Gov. Walker vows to protect us from high property taxes
A typical homeowner saw a reduction of $142.29 on the technical college portion of their property tax bill.
Your Views: Has Gov. Walker become our Teflon governor?
Criticism over happenings during his s administration rarely stuck to Ronald Reagan. My question: Is Scott Walker the Teflon governor of Wisconsin?
Your Views: Janesville School District should halt international program
This program will do nothing but frustrate our good teachers who are trying to teach them while we neglect our own children.
Your Views: Move state 'forward' with renewable energy
Rather than throw up roadblocks, I'd like to see Gov. Walker and Co. step forward and do our fair share of reducing carbon emissions.
Your Views: Janesville spending habits perplex longtime resident
We’re giving our new city manager a 5 percent raise on his already too-high salary. I’d like to know how much we spent luring him here, while we let great people get away.
Your Views: Torture of U.S. prisoners should cause great alarm
When fear causes us to abandon our principles, we become morally bankrupt and stand to lose everything our country stood for in the beginning.
Your Views: Product of union wages understands their value
Local businesses boomed because of the UAW! Most of my father’s earnings were spent in Brodhead, where I grew up, or in Janesville, where the money was earned.