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Your Thanks: Many play large roles in running Janesville's Freedom Fest
The event had another record-breaking year. I want to thank the better than 500 volunteers, as well as the 20 churches who served together as one.
Your Thanks: Committees in Albany appreciate support of events
These events would not have been possible without all of the support and donations from parents, businesses, school personnel and community members.
Your Views: In state Senate race, Austin Scieszinski offers breath of fresh air
Standing out were Scieszinski’s well-thought out and innovative plans for helping the average person climb out of the recession and for helping spur small business growth.
Your Views: Hobby Lobby case could have deep implications
Recall that the ruling for “freedom of choice” in the Roe v. Wade case was partially based on the inability of the high court to decide on when life begins.
Your Views: Gripe over Janesville code inspections looks like self-inflicted problem
The Janesville Fire Department I bet is like other municipality departments. They run lean and mean and get caught up on inspections when personnel are available.
Your Views: Gov. Walker’s hiring of Cindy Archer smells of cronyism
How many cronies and campaign workers will be hired who didn’t even have to interview for the jobs awarded?
Your Views: Gov. Walker’s actions suggest extreme anti-women agenda
Mary Burke, the governor’s opponent, believes personal decisions by women should not be made by politicians.
Your Views: Janesville fire inspections aren't that big a deal
If the Janesville Fire Department is guilty of anything, it is of poor recordkeeping/communication when it comes to inspections.
Your Views: Freedom Fest succeeds with God at its center
Because God has been the center, Freedom Fest has done well. And it's family-friendly.
Your Thanks: Bike Night boosts HealthNet of Rock County's services
I would like to extend a sincere thank you for the show of support we received during our Kutter Bike Night.