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Your Views: Tollefson excelled as Harmony town clerk

Lisa Tollefson, current Rock County clerk and candidate for re-election, was clerk for the town of Harmony for five years before being appointed to the county position last year.

As the Harmony town chairman, I can attest that she consistently...

Your Views: Wiedenfeld’s work ethic stood out early

It is my honor and privilege to recommend Zeke Wiedenfeld as the next district attorney for Walworth County.

I became acquainted with Zeke when he first interned in the Walworth County DA's Office in 2007. At that time, I was the victim witness ...

Your Views: Liebert will work hard for county residents

It is a pleasure to endorse Janesville City Council President Sam Liebert for Rock County clerk.

Sam knows what it is like to serve. Sam has admirably served on the Janesville City Council for the last five years. I know Sam to be a man of his...

Your Views: Johnson made strides as bipartisan senator

Sen. Ron Johnson is one of the country's most productive senators, having sponsored 627 pages of legislation in this session that have successfully become law.

Johnson passed a law through Congress to help keep terrorists out of the U.S. by...

Your Views:Climate change evidence mounts, yet skeptics exist

Just recently I heard a talk by Matt Anderson, director of the National Audubon Society's Climate Initiative. He reported that Audubon scientists used three decades of citizen-scientist observations and found that of the 588 North American bird...

Your Views: Vruwink best candidate for 43rd District seat

On Aug. 9, we have an important choice to make for assemblyman in the 43rd District. Of the two candidates, I have known Don Vruwink the longest. He taught my sons in high school, and I worked with him on the city council here in Milton.

He has ...

Your Views: Janesville has problems, starting with GM cleanup

Is it just me, or has the city sat on its duff for all these years in making GM clean pollution to the point that it will cost taxpayers to do so?

Here we are with a pollution problem and a slum that is a disgrace to the city and who will get...

Your Views: Welch cares about all residents
Over two years ago, a controversial proposal for an industrial park and Interstate interchange began threatening my neighborhood and way of life for numerous rural residents.
Your Views: Disrud knows the inner workings
Sandy Disrud is the only choice for the Rock County register of deeds position.
Your Views: Clinton is clearly a pathological liar
On the night terrorists killed four Americans in Benghazi, Hillary Clinton emailed her daughter and said it was a terrorist attack. She repeatedly told Americans it was reaction to a video. She lied.