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Your Views: Why let Craig High students in Janesville ignore ID requirement?
The underlying problem that is being created ... is that some are allowed to do as they please while the people who do follow the laws get continually resentful!
Your Views: He finds Donald Trump mild compared to these outrages
I may not vote for Trump, but his lack of political correctness is refreshing to a society that lives and breathes it.
Your Views: Let outdoor enthusiasts keep crossing train tracks
This is one of those “gray” areas that has never been enforced but could be in the future.
Your Views: She’s sad that Gov. Walker is out of race and troubled by Trump
Trump has shown that he does not have the character to lead our great country. If he became our president, we would really be the laughingstock of the whole world.
Your Views: Let’s return government to people of Wisconsin
ALEC is a pay-to-play operation in which corporations buy seats and votes with state legislators to advance their corporate wish lists.
Your Views: ‘Legally Blonde’ musical is can’t-miss show right here
No need to go to Madison or Milwaukee, folks. A great musical is right here in Janesville, “Legally Blonde.”
Your Views: United efforts will sustain all dairy farmers
Given all that dairy farmers face, we’re dumbfounded to understand why Kara O’Connor would try to drive a wedge between small and large farms.
Your Views: Tea-party Republicans again showing two faces
The FBI says Hillary Clinton violated no laws. The George W. Bush administration did the same thing.
Your Views: Politicicians must focus on how to deal with global warming
Climate change is not a political or moral question; it is a straightforward chemical kinetics calculation.
Your Views: Fee on carbon would help fight climate change
Each year, 3.3 million people die from air pollution, a new study shows. A fee on carbon would hasten the use of renewables, making them more attractive on a cost basis.