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Your Views: Headline on railroad story doesn’t match details
We do not need a new rail line crossing three states and disrupting people, land, cities, homes or emergency services and that may haul crude oil and hazardous waste.
Your Views: Sam Liebert shouldn’t push benefits for opposite-sex couples
What is keeping domestic partners (same-sex or opposite-sex) from getting married? They have the option to do so if they wish to reap the benefits as married couples.
Your Views: Math education system failing Janesville students
Large numbers of high school mathematics students are unprepared for the rigors of post-secondary education.
Your Views: Proposed railroad bypass of Chicago raises suspicions
The CREATE project mentioned in one Saturday story has plans to alleviate congestion, and progress is being made in constructing various bottleneck-breakers.
Your Views: Event at Janesville Craig High School showcases pursuit of excellence
In the midst of the disheartening and sometimes very disturbing news we hear of and witness, the vast majority in our community are pursuing excellence.
Your Views: It’s sad that world peace takes back seat to profits
The media are asking the wrong question. The question should be: “Why, after 70 years, are there any nuclear weapons in any country’s arsenal?”
Your Views: Janesville Education Foundation thinks disruptive student behavior requires communitywide solution
The Janesville Education Foundation does not expect to solve the problem ourselves, but we do want to help facilitate discussion as a convener.
Your Views: Amid so many environmental threats, join Citizens’ Climate Lobby
Citizens’ Climate Lobby is an international, nonpartisan, grass-roots organization committed to creating the political will for a livable world.
Your Views: Car engine essentially a mechanical mistake
Engine cars are mechanically pathetic compared to electric vehicles.
Your Views: Superintendent Schulte should change, leave Janesville School District on positive note
One of those things she could do would be to allow employees to ask questions or make comments in meetings without the fear of being reprimanded.