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Your Views: Downtown gathering was democracy in action
Thank you to the Janesville Police Department for providing a safe environment for a peaceful demonstration from 4 to 5 p.m. Tuesday.
Your Views: Hate-baiting leftists largely to blame for violence
Your Views: Divisiveness threatens to bring down the nation
For many of us who have entered the eighth decade of life in this great country, the daily bombardment of what is going on in the USofA, especially in the past six months, brings a large tear to the eye.
Your Views: Story neglects to consider power of the mind
In the Aug. 7 story (Page 1A), “Unlocking secrets of breast cancer’s exceptional survivors,” prayer was not mentioned.
Your Views: Frustrated with responses from representatives
Your Views: Merit pay schemes are counterproductive
Your Views: Gazette’s coverage of violence was skewed
I agree with Sara Hilliger (Tuesday, Your Views) that the coverage of the Charlottesville, Va., tragedy was skewed in subtle ways.
Your Views: Gazette downplayed violent acts of white supremacists
Your Views: Ryan is working to improve the tax code
Your Views: Media ignoring scandal involving former DNC chair