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Your Views: Patrons should support Hedberg Public Library’s 3D technology
Recent donations helped Janesville’s Hedberg Public Library purchase a 3D printer, which will be on display at an upcoming Tech Week. The 3D program needs support.
Your Views: President Obama needs reality check about terrorism and more
Obama said American leadership is stopping the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s advance. That just isn’t the case.
Your Views: Janesville’s downtown plan offers ‘playbook’ for action
A centerpiece of ARISE involves removal of the parking plaza and repurposing riverfront lands that will soon be exposed in the heart of downtown.
Your Views: Janesville police go above, beyond for new homeowners
The police department was very responsive and accommodating, and we couldn't be happier with our new home or to be a part of the Janesville community!
Your Views: Toyota Prius is not made in USA
The owner may have been misled into thinking it was made in the USA.
Your Views: Rep. Spreitzer hopes to see these priorities in Gov. Walker's budget
Instead of sending more taxpayer money to private schools, Wisconsin should move toward the Fair Funding for Our Schools plan.
Your Views: Shootings in Beloit show need to start task force
Why not a prolonged joint effort to concentrate on bad people with illegal guns?
Your Views: How could deflated football make that big a difference?
So am I to believe quarterbacks can tell by feel if the ball’s pounds per square inch (PSI) of inflation is this or that but an NFL official can’t?
Your Views: Sunday’s local talent event at JPAC proves wonderful
The event featured local authors, publishers and musicians—there’s a lot of talent in Rock County!
Your Views: Wisconsin Republicans trying power grab on state Supreme Court
Normally, such a change would not take effect until the present chief justice leaves. That this would not happen in this case makes it obvious this is another power grab.