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Kathleen Parker: A primer on South Carolina's primaries
Essentially, the state is three within one, each with its own personality and voting history.
Esther Cepeda: Teachers must let go of the ‘learning styles’ myth
Some educators believe that not presenting every concept to students in each of the many styles—kinesthetic, visual, auditory—is nothing short of bigotry.
Greg Peck: All those robins had my Wednesday rocking
Greg Peck: All those robins had my Wednesday rocking
That flock of robins in downtown Janesville, prompting a Gazette story, raised my hopes for spring, even if those thoughts were misguided.
Con: As climate change disasters loom, it’s no time to discard Obama’s environmental legacy
Republicans and their fossil fuel producing allies are trying to destroy Obama’s environmental legacy by rolling back as many environmental rules as they can.
First Amendment: Say it loud! The potential value of vulgarity!
Language “with bite” or just plain speaking may be shocking but also can be insightful—the very point of the First Amendment’s protection for free expression.
Pro: Scrapping ethanol mandates and tapping our fossil fuels surplus will jump-start economy
In the past decade alone, technological advances in oil and natural gas production have ushered in a new era.
Michael Gerson: Trump, an alpha on the rise
Donald Trump is running an exceptionally visceral campaign. His goal is not so much the inspiration of the country as the domination of the other candidates.
Charles Krauthammer: Sanders, Trump pitch magic to fix Obama mess
Overlooked is the role that Barack Obama's presidency and legacy have played in setting the mood and tone of the 2016 election.
Esther Cepeda: Why Latinos are cool on Cruz and Rubio
By many accounts, Cruz and Rubio are prickly, off-putting candidates to Latinos who expect the immigration issue to be approached with a respectful tone.
Dick Polman: Dissecting New Hampshire’s populist primal scream
One caveat about Tuesday night: The last three presidents—Obama, W. and Bill—all lost the New Hampshire primary.

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Greg Peck: All those robins had my Wednesday rocking
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