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Esther Cepeda: In matters of inequalities, the rainbow that isn’t
It has historically been taboo for Hispanics to wade their own discomforts into matters where the inequalities at issue are significantly worse for African-Americans.
Bill Lueders: State focuses on downside of plan to cut carbon emissions
A group of state lawmakers said the plan would “send utility costs skyrocketing” while having “a chilling effect on job creators big and small.”
Our Views: Rethinking structure of Rock County Board is worth the effort
Supervisor Jason Dowd's suggestion of forming a committee to review the size of the board and its committee structure makes sense.
Peter Funt: Elizabeth Warren shouldn’t jump
What Democrats can least afford in the 2016 campaign is a deep fissure between moderate and progressive wings.
Kathleen Parker: AG candidate Lynch might face firestorm over wildfire
A huge case of prosecutorial abuse out of California will be handed to Loretta Lynch during confirmation hearings to become attorney general.
Matt Pommer: Looking for ways to improve UW education
Finding ways to make UW System campuses more cost-efficient for taxpayers and reducing time to graduation for students recently bounced back into the news.
Dick Polman: Thank Ted Cruz for the surgeon general the NRA hates
Sen. Ted Cruz is so addicted to grandstanding that he has no clue how to best help his own party.
Steven Walters: New legislators learn Capitol tribal rites, rituals
“It’s like drinking from a fire hose for some of them for the first five or six months,” said Pat Fuller, the Assembly’s chief clerk and administrator.
Our Views: GIFTS Men's Shelter in Janesville continues to show remarkable success
GIFTS doesn't just give men places to sleep. It strives to give each a “hand up.”
Jason Stanford: Obama can’t win on oil prices
I used to be as guilty as anyone at seeing the false causation between the price of gas and the president’s economic stewardship.