Spring 2014 Election

Trash on ballot for Spring Prairie voters

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Catherine W. Idzerda
Wednesday, March 26, 2014

TOWN OF SPRING PRAIRIE—Electors in this rural town will go to the voting booth April 1 to decide if they want curbside trash collection.

The town has 828 homes and nine commercial properties.

The referendum will read: “Should the Town of Spring Prairie offer curb side trash collection?”

A “yes” vote would mean the town would take bids for trash collection and contract for the work. A “yes” vote also would mean the elimination of recycling drop-off at the town garage.

A “no” vote would mean residents would continue to contract with private haulers for the removal of garbage and continue to drop off recycling at the town garage.

Town Supervisor Tom Bolfert said the board wanted to take the issue to referendum because there are strong feelings on both sides.

“There are good reasons to have trash pickup, but there are many people in our town that don't currently have trash pickup—they burn their trash,” Bolfert said. “They see this as big government sticking their nose in.”

The board decided that they should go with the majority opinion, Bolfert said.

Some residents who live around Honey Lake have been in favor of curbside trash pickup, said town Clerk-Treasurer Debbie Collins.

The roads around the lake are cared for by the lake association, and the number of waste haulers using the roads has been hard on them, Collins said.

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