Your Views: Sending women into combat would disrupt military

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letter to the editor
Tuesday, December 5, 2017

As a veteran of the Marine Corps infantry, I wanted to voice my objection to the integration of women into Army infantry units (Nov. 27 story, Page 6B).

The composition of the combat-arms field has traditionally been fraternal and should remain so. There has never been a point in American military history where it was deemed necessary to augment the ranks with women. The all-male units always proved their capability.

Issues of strength and aggression aside,

the workability of such an arrangement would be questionable at best. True camaraderie exists only between men. Even in the absence of sexual attraction, the sexes are simply wired too differently.

It doesn't surprise me that the recruits—millennials—are accepting of this integration. For many of them, their non-traditional worldview confers a normalcy to same-sex relationships, and, oh yeah, they voted in droves for a socialist, too, remember?

This was never about equal opportunity but rather the use of social engineering to achieve a politically correct outcome.



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