Your Views: Rock County deserves a sheriff with integrity

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letter to the editor
Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Elected officials are, and should be, held to a higher standard than the average citizen. We look to them to set an example and rarely have the need to question their judgment or competence. What is a community to do when one of those elected officials appears to use his power to impede an investigation? How can we have confidence in a sheriff if he continues to interfere?

Whether the investigation found his behavior to be criminal or not, it is at worst extremely unethical and at best extremely poor judgment. Either way, Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden has demonstrated his ability to set aside ethical judgment when it personally suits him.

His arrogance and unapologetic tone are also worrisome. Any other deputy who acted in such a manner would be reprimanded for violating standard policy and procedures of Rock County and that of any other policing agency.

When Sheriff Spoden decided to “act on behalf of the party-goers and their parents,” he stopped acting like a sheriff and should have recused himself from any official county capacity. How can our community have confidence in our Rock County sheriff, his credibility, his honesty or his competency?

For the community’s best interest, Spoden should immediately step down or at least not seek re-election next year. Rock County deserves a sheriff with integrity!




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