Your Views: Clinton school district has a habit of wasting money

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letter to the editor
Monday, December 4, 2017

I am writing about the Clinton Community School District referendum that they are trying to pass in the next election. I have been a tax-paying resident of the school district for the past 25 years and have seen what they spend the budget on. They have been wasting our taxes and are now asking for more money to throw away.

The school district is looking for money to pay for stuff they were going to fix with the money from the last referendum that we as taxpayers approved. They are hiring staff that can’t do the jobs they are hired for.

As taxpayers, we have a very valid reason to ask for information on just what they are spending our money on. For the most part, the teachers are doing a good job, but the school district is spending our money like they have a “free” checkbook for whatever reason they have at the moment.



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