Your Views: Writer's rant on women comes from a dark place

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letter to the editor
Saturday, December 2, 2017

I am responding to the Wednesday letter by Don Hilbig. I respect your individual opinion, but do you hate women?

God did not make the male sex dominion over anything and certainly not women. Even if as a Christian conservative evangelical, any man has the responsibility of respecting his mate or anyone he works with. There is no place in a culture where there is not a give-and-take, and looking for that “old time religion” just isn't the path.

My friend, you are in a dark place and need to sit down with your pastor or, if none, then yourself and think about where you are at in today's world.

You need to find a place where you do not hate who you are and find blame in the “women's movement.”

This is just not for you my friend, but for every male person who reads this letter. Women are equal in every way; we need to say it out loud, with no exceptions and then go out and live that life without regret or distain for doing so.



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