Police warning about sex offender stir residents' emotions

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Frank Schultz
Thursday, November 30, 2017

JANESVILLE—Concern and anger erupted on social media Wednesday after Janesville police issued a warning about a convicted sex offender who, police say, has been approaching girls on their way to school.

Many wondered why police would not or could not do more than arrest Darryl W. Holloway, 49, on a disorderly conduct charge and release him.

One person called for Holloway to be neutered and placed on a desert island.

At least two people commented that he should be shot.

Police wanted people to be aware and take precautions but not to resort to violence, Lt. Terry Sheridan said Thursday.

Sheridan said he heard that Holloway notified the Department of Corrections that he has left Janesville, but Sheridan was not sure if that has happened.

“We did not release this information to cause anybody harm,” Sheridan said. “We did it for safety reasons. We don’t wish any harm to come to Mr. Holloway as a result of it, either. ... Obviously, people are concerned about it, but he doesn’t deserve to be harmed.”

Police said Holloway approached four girls, aged 12 to 16, in four incidents between Oct. 30 and Nov. 16. He addressed them as “baby” or “baby girl.”

Holloway told police he was seeking companionship and thought they were all at least 18.

Sheridan said talking to someone is perfectly legal.

“Even though the person being talked to has a weird feeling about it, that doesn’t automatically make it a crime,” Sheridan said.

Holloway must remain on the state sex registry for life because of a sexual assault conviction in 1985. He is not on probation or under supervision by the Department of Corrections, so he can’t be restricted in his movements or associations.

The only requirement is that he notify the state of a change of address within 10 days, police said.

Police believe Holloway, who has a Milwaukee address, has been staying in Janesville, but he told them he is only visiting.

“It seems (to residents) like we should be able to do more, but we really can’t,” Sheridan said.

Meanwhile, police now believe Holloway was involved in a fifth incident.

A woman called police Thursday morning, reminding them that she had reported a man drove alongside her on Oct. 25 while she was walking her dog and tried to strike up a conversation, which made her uncomfortable.

The woman had a partial license plate number, which was correct, and a description of the man and his maroon minivan that matched Holloway, Sheridan said.

The incident occurred near the intersection of Ontario Drive and Rutledge Drive on the east side.

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