Your Views: Women’s war on men destroying society

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letter to the editor
Wednesday, November 29, 2017

We need more courageous men as leaders in every facet of our lives and society. We certainly don’t need more women in government demanding their special interest, social welfare agenda be passed into law.

It is stunning if one looks at our current society how dominant the influence of women continues to be in this nation. Women are the major influence in today’s world. Count the number of groups supporting or promoting women. Then count the men only organizations. Equality? Hardly, when you look at longevity of life, suicide rates, unemployment, college graduates or personal wealth in the nation.

Indeed, there has been a veritable war on men. Men and fathers have been denigrated and relegated to a marginal and secondary status.

The “women’s movement” shrill cry of “we don’t need men” has created an atmosphere of confusion and divisiveness in general and specifically a pervasive anger in men. In addition, the family structure has been severely disrupted, chivalry is dead and modesty and virtue have been discarded along with innocence. Now we have blatant sexuality, gender confusion and an amoral and chaotic society.

I have only touched on the damaging consequences since the women’s “rebellion” of the 1960s. The time has come for men to get a spine, get their blood up and take back the helm of our families and the societal ship. Then, only with God’s help, can we restore order, decency and unity in our society.



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