Your Views: Tax ‘reform’ is about ceding control to corporations

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letter to the editor
Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Does anyone really think that giving large corporations millions in tax breaks will suddenly incentivize them to invest in capital or hire more people? If so, Rep. Paul Ryan has a tax plan for you. These corporations are literally swimming in cash now.

The basic theory of supply and demand is clear that the way to create economic growth is to increase demand. Millionaires typically don’t spend their marginal income on goods that create huge demand. People who are living paycheck to paycheck do.

Trust me, corporations will invest and grow their businesses when they see markets grow based on increased consumer demand. By and large, corporations don’t create demand; they respond to it.

If this tax “reform” fraud was really about growing the economy, it would benefit consumers and smaller businesses—the real job creators in our economy. This deceit is about sustaining the control that the top 1 percent has over the direction of our country by giving them millions more so that they can contribute even more to their political patsies. Giving it to the bottom 99 percent would only empower those committed to more progressive change.


Town of Fulton

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