Your Views: Writer unfairly portrays public education as failing

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letter to the editor
Sunday, November 12, 2017
After reading Bill Redmer’s Nov. 5 letter to the editor on public schools, I felt a need to respond. I taught 37 years in the public schools (most in the Beloit Turner schools). The vast majority of public school teachers I know are dedicated professionals that have the best interests of their students at heart. Many work countless hours after the final bell to provide a quality education for their students, despite an ever-increasing amount of paperwork. You mention your church’s school as an example of quality education. I am sure there are many dedicated teachers there also. Is this school mandated to take any student who shows up for class? Do they have a special education department that educates children with a wide range of cognitive or physical disabilities? Public schools must take all students. You say that building new schools in local districts is not the solution to increasing learning. I refuse to paint all referendums with the same brush. The referendum I am most familiar with is the one in the Turner district. There the question is do you put $13 to $15 million into a 60-year-old building that has many issues to bring it up to code? Or do you spend $23 million on a new school that allows students and teachers to maximize their potential? Mr. Redmer, I invite you to tour the Turner schools with me and the administration to show you all the good things that are happening in public education. JIM CLOWES Beloit

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