Janesville School Distirct, union meet to discuss wages, benefits

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Jake Magee
Friday, November 3, 2017

JANESVILLE—The Janesville School District and Janesville Education Association have not yet come to an agreement on teachers' wages for this school year, officials told The Gazette.

The district and the union met Friday to negotiate the 2017-18 contract for the first time.

"Both parties did not come to an agreement," Superintendent Steve Pophal said.

Under state law, public employee unions can negotiate a pay raise equal to the increase of the consumer price index. This year's index increase was 1.26 percent, which is the raise the association requested. The district's offer was no raise at all, according to documents obtained by The Gazette.

The next steps include "mediation," but no further meetings have been scheduled, Pophal said.

Association President Dave Groth said the two parties, who negotiate contracts annually, don't always come to an agreement initially.

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