Craig's Malmanger named to Big Eight's first team

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John Barry
Friday, November 3, 2017

Luke Malmanger was a marked man this season.

Big Eight Conference defensive coordinators knew the simplest way to stop Janesville Craig's offense was to shadow Malmanger.

Malmanger found a way to foil the plan as best he could, putting together another productive season in earning all-Big Eight first-team honors. The 6-foot-2, 220-pound senior tight end finished with 32 catches for 408 yards and three touchdowns. He averaged 12.7 yards per catch.

“He's probably got the best set of hands of anybody I've ever coached,” Craig coach Adam Bunderson said. “If the ball was anywhere near Luke, he came down with it.

“And he battled through some adversity with an injury early in the season and still found a way to have a very good year for us.”

Craig defensive coordinator David Davis shared the Assistant Coach of the Year honor with Sun Prairie's Brian Kavanaugh. Craig's defense allowed 1,200 yards rushing this season after giving up over 2,000 last season, and the unit allowed two touchdowns fewer per game than a year ago.

“I knew we were better defensively this season, that was obvious,” Bunderson said. “But when I went back and looked at the numbers, it was pretty impressive how much better.”

Craig juniors Keeanu Benton and Tegan Christiansen were second-team selections on defense, along with senior Seth Glissendorf and senior punter Kiefer Quinlan. Craig senior Michael Feirn was a second-team choice as an offensive lineman.

Janesville Parker senior Kyle Fuller was also a second-team pick on defense.

For the Vikings, seniors Seamus Murphy, Zach Zahler, Jordan Bailey, Dawson Schultz and Sam Garvoille earned honorable mention status.

The Cougars got honorable mentions in seniors Kyle Krueger, Avery Caley and Jacob Ngobi and juniors Jacob Fieiras and Sam Smith.

All-Big Eight Conference football



OL—Anthony Villanueva, sr., Sun Prairie; Alex Okelue, sr., West; Ben Johnson, jr., Sun Prairie; Grant Manser, sr., Middleton; Andre Dyslin, sr., La Follette; Tristan Largent, sr., Verona; Patrick Horvath, jr., West

TE/H-BACK—Luke Malmanger, sr., Craig

QB—Jack Zander, sr., Sun Prairie; Aaron Young, sr., Verona

RB—Jaden Stephens, sr., West; Draven Peeples, sr., Sun Prairie; James Pabst, sr., Middleton; Dion Huff, sr., Middleton

WR—Cooper Nelson, sr., Sun Prairie; Anthony West, sr., La Follette; Jaden King, sr., Verona

PK—Alex Oakley, sr., Sun Prairie

UT—Anthony West, sr., La Follette


DL—Khalan Coleman, sr., Sun Prairie; Colin Liegel, sr., Middleton; Javon Enochs, sr., West

DE—Josh Dinga, sr., Sun Prairie; Ryan Lewis, sr., Middleton; Amaurii Grosskopf, sr., Beloit

ILB—David Msravilla, sr., West; Jimmy Frusciante, sr., Middleton; Hakeem McCullers, jr., Sun Prairie; Dylan Bourne, jr., Verona

OLB—Marty Strey, sr., Sun Prairie; Shane Bick, sr., Middleton; Matthew Wedig, jr., Beloit

DB—Bui Clements, sr., Verona; Kadon Kaupinnen, sr., Sun Prairie; Keishawn Shanklin, sr., West; COle Ragsdale, sr., Middleton

P—Matthew Wedig, jr., Beloit



OL—Corey Parkinson, sr., Middleton; Angel Zuniga, sr., Michael Feirn, sr., Craig; Nathan Foster, sr., La Follette; Dominic Cooper, sr., Sun Prairie; Gavin Adler, jr., Middleton; T.J. Becker, sr., Verona

TE/H-BACK—Carson Bull, sr., Verona

QB—Keishawn Shanklin, sr., West; Davis Roguet, sr., Middleton

RB—Kayvion James-Ragland, jr., La Follette; Kyle Hereford, sr., Beloit; Brian McKenzie, sr., Sun Prairie; Armoni Warfield, sr., West

WR—Elliott Grays, sr., Memorial; Bryce Carey, jr., Middleton; Colin Schaefer, soph., Sun Prairie

K—Aaron Young, sr., Verona

U—Carson Bull, sr., Verona


DL—Keeanu Benton, jr., Craig; Christian Winfield, jr., Beloit; Jaylin Thompson, sr., Verona; Reagan Stauffer, sr., Verona

DE—Armoni Warfield, sr., West; Gary Barnes, jr., La Follette

ILB—Ethan Ackley, jr., SUn Prairie; Gavin Parr, sr., La Follette; Nik Carpenter, sr., Beloit; Kyle Fuller, sr., Parker

OLB—Kayvion James-Ragland, jr., La Follette; Eli Hano, sr., Verona; Seth Glissendorf, sr., Craig

DB—Caden White, sr., Sun Prairie; Tegan Christiansen, jr., Craig; Casper Clark, sr., Beloit; Nate Seward, sr., La Follette

P—Quinlan Kiefer, sr., Craig

Coach of the Year—Brian Kaminski, Sun Prairie

Assistant Coach of the Year—Brian Kavanaugh, Sun Prairie and David Davis, Craig


Craig—Kyle Krueger, sr.; Avery Caley, sr.; Jacob Fieiras, jr.; Jacob Ngobi, sr.; Sam Smith, jr. Parker—Seamus Murphy, sr; Zach Zahler, sr.; Jordan Bailey, sr.; Dawson Schultz, sr.; Sam Garvoille, sr. Beloit—Eric Bridges, jr.; Linzell Burks, sr.; Austin Polzin, sr.; Daryen Gaines, jr.; Zac Christensen, sr.; East—Charles Dean, jr.; Nicolas Perez, sr.; Thylas Henderson, jr.; Keonte Jones, soph.; Tyler Owens, sr.; La Follette—Tyler Sugden, sr.; Jacob Hendrix, sr.; Peter Conley, jr.; Jaden Nix, jr.; Michael Franklin, sr.; Memorial—Ross Mathews, sr.; Mike Cerniglia Jr., jr.; Ty Mathews, sr.; Jeremiah Jordan, jr.; Henry Moore, sr.; Middleton—Luke Ballweg, sr; Logan Thomas, sr.; Tyler Smith, sr.; Ryan Handowski, sr.; Kevin Meicher, jr.; Sun Prairie, Kyle Connell, sr.; Riley Anacker-Swantz, sr.; Orlando Fenderson, sr.; Adsam Radamacher, jr.; Tyler Precia, sr.; Verona—Tucker Teskey, sr.; Jack Lilly, sr.; Jacob Walton, sr.; Logan Lindell, sr.; Joe riley, sr.; West—John Gutknecht, sr.; Sammy Smith, fr.; Ezra Thompson, soph.; Ben Thompson, sr.; Carson Meyer, jr.


Sun Prairie, 9-0; Middleton, 8-1; Madison West, 7-2; Verona, 6-3; Janesville Craig, 4-5; Madison La Follette, 4-5; Madison Memorial, 4-5; Beloit Memorial, 2-7; Janesville Parker, 1-8; Madison East, 0-9.

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