Elkhorn couple charged with prostitution, causing mental harm to child

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Jonah Beleckis
Tuesday, October 31, 2017

ELKHORN—Walworth County prosecutors say an Elkhorn woman has been prostituting herself out of her home for years, which her husband said for a time was the family’s main source of income, according to a criminal complaint filed Monday.

Arrest warrants were issued Tuesday for Nicole U. Nosek, 38, and Scott A. Nosek, 44, both of 821 W. Gorman St., No. 7, court records show.

Nicole is charged with eight counts of prostitution and one count of party to keeping a place of prostitution. Scott is charged with party to allowing use as place of prostitution.

Nicole’s prostitution charges are misdemeanors. Each carries a maximum prison sentence of nine months. The two felony counts carry the same maximum prison sentence of six years.

District Attorney Zeke Wiedenfeld said his office is reviewing possible charges for the men accused of having sex with Nicole.

Nicole and Scott are also charged with party to causing mental harm to a child, which is how law enforcement found out about the prostitution, according to the complaint.

In May, an Elkhorn police detective investigating a fire spoke with a teenage girl who became emotional and told the detective about Nicole having sex with strangers for money, according to the complaint.

The girl said the prostitution had been going on for as long as she could remember. One time, a man asked Nicole if the girl could join them, the complaint states.

The girl would act out and harm herself, according to the complaint. She would steal alcohol and drink excessively. She told police she burned the curtains in her bedroom because they were there and she was bored.

Last fall, the girl bit two students and made statements about wanting to kill a student at school, according to the complaint. The girl has a history of truancy and low grades.

Police on May 26 executed a search warrant at the Noseks’ home.

Nicole told police she started having sex with men for money about 10 years ago, according to the complaint. She said she has three regular customers who visit one or more times per week and pay about $50 each time.

Police reviewed Nicole’s cellphone and in September spoke with eight men police say met with Nicole, according to the complaint.

Some said they met Nicole online at plentyoffish.com or backpage.com. One had been with her as recently as the morning he was interviewed by police, according to the complaint. Nicole usually, but not always, met the men in her home.

One man told police he has paid a phone bill for Nicole and bought her food and a bicycle, according to the complaint.

Some denied having or paying for sex with Nicole, the complaint states. One man denied paying for sex with Nicole but said he did “loan” her money knowing he would not be paid back.

Scott told police on May 26 the last time he had worked was in September 2016 before he was fired from his job, the complaint states. He said he knew his wife had sex with men for money and added it was the only money the family was making aside from government assistance.

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