Lake Geneva man sentenced to prison for meth explosion, asked to pay $125,000 restitution

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Jonah Beleckis
Wednesday, October 25, 2017

ELKHORN—A Lake Geneva man sentenced to prison Wednesday is being asked to pay more than $125,000 in restitution for damage to a hotel bathroom caused by a January meth lab explosion.

Patrick M. McBean, 51, was sentenced to two years in prison followed by two years of extended supervision, per a plea agreement. Police reported finding him with facial hair burned off near where a meth cook exploded in a bathroom at Cove of Lake Geneva hotel.

McBean pleaded guilty to knowingly possessing meth waste and third-offense operating while intoxicated from a separate incident.

Several other counts, including maintaining a drug trafficking place, possessing meth paraphernalia, felony bail jumping and operating after revocation, from various incidents were dismissed and read into the record.

Just after 3 a.m. Jan. 9, two Lake Geneva police officers responded to the hotel for reports of people smoking in their room. As they neared room 314, however, the smoke in the hallway was “sharp and sour tasting” and burned when breathed, the officers have said.

The officers said they found McBean standing in the room looking confused.

The two officers were among those treated for possible chemical problems from being near meth cooks.

Meth is a cheap drug to make but requires extensive services for proper cleanup and disposal. It is also chemically hazardous.

The restitution from the meth explosion is to be paid with Melissa Kuen, who was sent to the hospital with burns after the explosion, according to court documents.

The Walworth County District Attorney's Office is requesting a majority of the restitution--$109,925.41—go to American Insurance, a group based in Missouri. The Cove hotel is requesting $5,000. The rest is being requested by other insurance companies.

The total restitution amount is $125,329.

McBean's attorney, Stephen Kramer, said they will be requesting a restitution hearing. He has 30 days to file a challenge to the restitution amount.

Kuen still faces meth charges from the incident and recently was picked up again on more meth charges.

Police raided McBean's home days before the explosion, but he was not there, according to court documents. Police reported finding materials used in making meth.

McBean is not allowed to contact Joseph Aull, Daniel Wobig, Krista Stoll Wobig, Kuen or Charles G. Kummerow Jr., all of whom Walworth County prosecutors have connected to meth and one another.

McBean also must complete substance abuse assessments and programming for which he is eligible.

For the guilty plea on the OWI, McBean was sentenced to 213 days in jail without work release. The number of days was reduced because McBean completed a victim impact panel and will be further reduced because of 30 days of jail time he has already served.

McBean for the OWI conviction must also pay a $2,000 fine and have his license revoked for three years, according to the plea agreement.

McBean on Nov. 23, 2016, was found causing a disturbance while intoxicated, according to a criminal complaint. Police determined he had driven and McBean tested for a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.25.

Walworth County Judge Kristine Drettwan said for logistical reasons McBean will likely serve his jail sentence in prison after he finishes his two-year term.

McBean was taken into custody after Wednesday's hearing.

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