Positive reviews bring us of Compass II

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Sid Schwartz
Sunday, October 22, 2017

We tried something different in March with our first Compass section.

We weren't sure how it would be received, but the reaction was so good we decided to do a second edition this fall.

One reader wrote about the March 19 edition: “I've been reading mine for the past two days and have been talking about the articles with my wife and coworkers. I think it would be a big draw for The Gazette if it was published on a semi-regular basis.”

It was such responses from readers and support from advertisers that persuaded us to produce a fall edition of Compass.

Inside this section you will find stories about:

  • Genetics testing for consumers. For a local woman researching her genealogy, genetics testing yielded some big surprises.
  • Getting off the couch and into better shape. Two local fitness establishments offer different paths to getting in shape.
  • How to be a thrift shopper. A local woman tells about the deals she's found at local thrift stores and offers advice for beginners.
  • How to eat healthy at work. Fast food is easy, but a local dietitian says anybody can eat healthy at work with a little planning.

This edition follows the same format as the first. The front section is articles chosen, reported and written by newsroom journalists. The latter section includes text produced by the advertising department in partnership with local businesses that purchased corresponding ads.

We hope consumers find this edition of Compass as useful, interesting and empowering as the first.

Sid Schwartz is editor of The Gazette

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