Your Views: Referendum would solve school’s space problems

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letter to the editor
Friday, October 20, 2017

Full disclosure: I teach for the Milton School District. Building a new high school improves the academic and extracurricular opportunities and experiences of Milton Middle School students.

The middle school currently houses students in rooms not designed or intended for curricular use. The French and choir classes meet in what was originally a locker room. Wrestling practices on a stage with a drop-off through the curtain of 42 inches—that isn’t dangerous at all! The musical practices are in the cafeteria instead of on stage because it’s impossible to rehearse lines and sing while girls basketball is going on in the gym.

An ELA classroom is housed in what was originally a storage room. The teachers lounge is being converted to a lounge/workroom and will include the building’s main copy machine. Office spaces have been retrofitted to house student needs. Small classrooms are cut in half to provide programming for students. However, access to bigger classrooms are actually what those students should have.

The FACE program doesn’t exist in part because the room has been allocated for other educational experiences due to overpopulation. Kudos to the staff to teach and students who come out of those programs with excellent educational and extra-curricular skills, despite the rooms they utilize. The middle school is busting at the seams and ignoring the situation does not make it go away. Milton, you cannot afford to stand pat anymore. The space problems are real! The situation is dire! A “yes” vote solves many district-wide problems.



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