Your Views: Feeling more confident in plans for Milton schools

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letter to the editor
Tuesday, October 17, 2017

I am a resident of Janesville in the Milton School District. When they had their first referendum, I voted “no.” There were some facts presented mostly about what they wanted with little information that got published to the voters on what their needs were.

Wednesday night I attended the presentation about their latest proposal. They laid out the needs and what it took to address the issues. It was presented very well and made me reconsider my position. They have an awesome responsibility of being a small town with a large school district. The first proposal to me was a catchall with little expressed on the whys.

They seem to have a well-developed plan to address all their needs to the best of their abilities. Maybe they were slow to keep their facilities more up to date in the past. The brochure that was distributed ahead of time was well done also.

The break out of staff and specialists to answer individual questions was a sound approach. The people I talked with were well informed and answered my questions.

They have intentionally not spent a lot on the new high school plans but have a pretty clear concept and are to get serious with community input when the referendum is approved. Another sound approach. Thanks to all those who put this together.



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