Democratic candidate calls for impeachment of President Trump

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Frank Schultz
Monday, October 16, 2017

JANESVILLE—A Democratic candidate for the 1st Congressional District seat says President Donald Trump should be impeached and that the incumbent, Rep. Paul Ryan, is shirking his responsibility to start the process.

Cathy Myers, a schoolteacher from Ryan's hometown, Janesville, called for impeachment Monday.

An impeachment is an accusation of wrongdoing. The Constitution gives the House of Representatives the sole authority to impeach. Once a president is impeached, the Senate tries the case.

Myers said in a statement that Ryan should move to impeach because “Donald Trump is clearly unfit for the office he holds and poses an immediate threat to the safety and security of this country and the world.”

Myers pointed to Trump's “provocations” of North Korea as one reason impeachment is needed.

Coincidentally, North Korea's deputy U.N. ambassador said Monday that “a nuclear war may break out any moment,” according to news reports.

Myers accused Ryan of ignoring Trump's misdeeds in order to accomplish his legislative agenda.

“Speaker Ryan understands these threats, but instead of doing the right thing for the country, he is using his power over the impeachment process as leverage to coerce Donald Trump into doing his bidding ...” Myers said.

Ryan's office did not respond to a request for comment.

Myers also accuses Trump of using the office of president to enrich himself and his family.

Myers invited 1st District residents to a meeting Sunday to discuss these ideas. The meeting is set for 3:30-6 p.m. at the Red Oak Restaurant, 4410 200th Ave., Bristol.

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