Your Views: Thumbs down to Gazette over 'HHFFRRRGGH'

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letter to the editor
Friday, October 13, 2017

Monday's “Our Views” began predictably enough with a “thumbs up” for some national company floating the possibility of a hotel in your beloved ARISE district.

Then a “thumbs down” to a local business investing thousands of their own dollars to remodel and rebrand a business that has struggled to break even for 18 years. If this happened downtown, you'd be falling all over yourself with praise.

The name HHFFRRRGGH Inn was a fun idea by eight guys, wanting to build a fun place to gather. The name, however, did not serve well in the long run. People still ask, what is it? Although biased, here's my view.

So a big “thumbs down” to your editors for feeling the need to undermine a local business on the basis of a name change. I would think The Gazette would support Janesville people investing in Janesville, rather than insulting them.



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