Your Views: Rock County road crews do impressive work

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letter to the editor
Friday, October 13, 2017

I want to thank our county highway department for the good job they do keeping our roadways safe and in the best condition possible.

The process called chip coating is one reason I see our road crews at their finest. In this procedure, the large tractor-mounted brushes make a clean sweep of tar and pea gravel surfaces. Next, a crew uses a mounted mason style three-foot saw to clean out the cracked surface; another fills the cleaned crevices with fresh tar.

Next, a thin coat of tar is placed on the total lane, with basically a single topping of fresh gravel, followed by water and brushing that cools down rapidly and produces a new hard-coated surface that can be driven on almost immediately!

The crews work together as a finely tuned team. The left hand knows what the right hand is doing at all times. I marvel at these teams leap-frogging down the roadway, working fast and efficient! All the men and women are polite and friendly to all motorists.

So a big thank you—the management has figured our how to get the best bang for the buck. And the crews work hard and smart and are motorist friendly.

I see them firsthand as I walk hundreds of miles yearly on Highway 59 in the Cooksville area. I’m always amazed at our county road dollars being utilized in the most cost-efficient way.



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