Your Views: Where in the world is Paul ‘Waldo’ Ryan?

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letter to the editor
Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Paul “Waldo” Ryan is AWOL and has not held any district town hall meetings for more than two years. During the Tea Party prominence, Waldo had numerous town halls. Now with a “resistance” movement, Waldo is in seclusion, only speaking to closed groups in his district.

Waldo’s results as House speaker have been a complete disaster. With the GOP in charge of all of the levers of government, Waldo’s major legislative accomplishment has been to pass a bill that allows mentally challenged people, who are incapable of managing their own finances, to buy guns! Of course Waldo’s response to gun violence is that “we need to work on mental health issues in this country”! The NRA owns Waldo and the GOP.

Having failed on the ACA “repeal and replace” after seven years of slogans without any substance, Waldo has turned his attention to tax cuts (not reform) for the 1 percent. If there is something in the Trump proposal for the middle class, it is difficult to discern. However, the 1 percent’s tax savings are readily quantifiable, and to no one’s surprise, they are substantial. History shows that, regardless of the GOP’s myth, tax cuts do not pay for themselves. They only add to the deficit. Waldo is a deficit hawk when Democrats are in power. When the GOP is in charge, deficits are OK with Waldo if they are the result of tax cuts.

Waldo, show some courage and re-engage with your constituents through open town halls.



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