Your Views: Ryan, stop acting as a mouthpiece for the NRA

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letter to the editor
Wednesday, October 11, 2017

So the NRA has given Paul Ryan permission to talk about bump stocks. Were the circumstances in Las Vegas not so tragic, the predictable comments regarding other gun safety regulations that at some time he and others will utter from within the hip pocket of the NRA would be laughable.

They will point out how a specific proposed regulation would not have prevented a particular tragedy. They will talk about how they blindly support the Second Amendment and how it guarantees rights for all citizens to own guns of all types. (Never mind that part about the “well regulated militia” and the intent at the time it was written.)

There are laws against drunken driving. Do some people still drive drunk? Certainly. But do these laws save lives? I would argue that they do.

It seems to me that we all lost rights after 9/11—particularly the right to privacy. It would also seem to me that this has saved lives in the past decade and a half. I think it’s time we look at the rights to own military grade weapons and hardware and avoid background checks and realize that common sense gun safety regulations will likewise save lives.

Paul Ryan, do your job and stand up for us, the people of this country, who have a right to go places and live our lives without wondering if we are about to be attacked by someone who should never own a gun. You’ve stood up for the special interests long enough.


Town of Fulton

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