Kolste: 44th Assembly District survey results were surprising

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Jake Magee
Monday, September 25, 2017

MADISONState Rep. Deb Kolste, D-Janesville, has released the results of a nonscientific survey in the 44th Assembly District, and the results include some surprises, she said.

For instance, survey results show district residents don't think voter fraud is a widespread issue but believe photo identification should be necessary to vote.

"I was surprised that many of my constituents want voter ID cards but don't believe voter fraud is an issue," Kolste said in a news release. "That seems like a contradiction."

Other survey questions touched on transportation, education, drug policy, term limits and other issues, according to the release.

"The survey provided another way for people who really want to communicate with their representative to make their opinions known," Kolste said. "The results are interesting, and I intend to use them in my policy decisions when possible and appropriate."

Survey respondents say they would accept gasoline tax increases to help fund the transportation budget, but they oppose increasing vehicle registration costs. Opinions were split on whether Wisconsin should have toll roads, according to the release.

At least 80 percent of respondents supported term limits for the governor, U.S. senators and representatives, and state legislators.

Four out of five respondents favor legalizing medical marijuana, and more than half want to legalize its recreational use, according to the release.

The majority of respondents don't believe public funds should be spent on private schools, and more than 90 percent want a nonpartisan panel to draw legislative district boundaries instead of legislators, according to the release.

"I think frustration with government and elected officials is represented in several of the results," Kolste said.

More than 1,400 households submitted survey answers, according to the release.

"The survey was sent to as many households as possible,'' Kolste said. "I tried to ask fair questions that were based on comments my constituents make when they call me or write to me."

Survey results will be posted on Kolste's website at legis.wisconsin.gov/assembly/44/kolste.

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