Your Views: Liquor license approval not in neighborhood’s interest

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letter to the editor
Tuesday, September 19, 2017

I can appreciate the difficult decision the Janesville City Council was forced into regarding the liquor license for Rooster’s Barrel and Wagon Works at the Sept. 11 meeting. However, it would have been appreciated if the decision wasn’t made prior to the meeting, before hearing statements from the neighbors.

One council member motioned for no alcohol license at the Aug. 5 Alcohol License Advisory Committee meeting. We were counting on that same motion at the deciding council meeting. This council member was curiously absent Monday, which left only one motion for no license without a second. Was this a conscious decision by the city council?

The Class B restaurant license with conditions took the neighbors’ concerns into consideration. The decision left both sides with concessions. This might have been intentional. Will both parties be forced to work together? I still am not sure how this will benefit the neighbors. I only see it as benefiting the bank account of Janesville big shots.

We look to the future and hope Ed Quaerna will uphold his responsibility to the committees that granted his alcohol license. The neighborhood expects him to make it thrive within the guidelines, without future expectations of changing his concessions, as we will not be able to change ours.




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