Delavan-Darien School District
Delavan-Darien Weekend Meals Program

Delavan-Darien volunteer package weekend meals for students

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Ashley McCallum
Tuesday, September 19, 2017

DELAVAN -- When the bell rings on Friday afternoons, some kids in the Delavan-Darien school district go home to find little to eat for the weekend.

Volunteers from local churches and businesses want to change that with the grant-funded Food in a Backpack program, according to a news release.

Community members spent Saturday morning packaging more than 1,750 meals, each big enough to feed a family of six, according to the release.

The 1,750 meals are enough to give seven family-sized meals to 250 low-income Delavan-Darien elementary students during the school year, according to the release. Meals consist of rice, beans and spices.

Meals packaged Saturday are in addition to meals already provided through the grant, according to the release.

The packaged food will be delivered to students' backpacks or lockers on Friday afternoons, according to the release.

Low-income students receive breakfasts and lunches on school days, according to the release. The Food in Backpack program allows those students nutritional meals when they aren't in school.

Darien Principal Kelly Pickel said in the release it was “truly awesome” to see volunteers packaging food Saturday.

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