WATCH: Jonah goes to Parker/Craig rivalry week

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Jonah Beleckis
Thursday, September 14, 2017

JANESVILLE—Fifty years ago, Janesville Parker and Janesville Craig started their football rivalry.

But was it really a rivalry back then?

Dave Kumlien and Mike McDaniels were opponents on the field, but after the Nov. 11, 1967, football game, the two ate dinner together with their families.

A Gazette story after the game was headlined: “A Football Rivalry Between Friends.”

“It just didn't seem like a rivalry,” Craig's Kumlien said at the time. “Not while we're in the same building anyway.”

Today, Parker and Craig players go to school in different buildings. They also are laser focused on winning the Monterey Rock over the cross-town team.

But do they have nice things to say about their opponents? Would they go to dinner together?

Have things changed? Was it a friendlier time back then?

Gazette reporter Jonah Beleckis went to Parker and Craig football practices this week to find out.

What is your favorite Craig and Parker football memory? Have a question Jonah should ask the people of Janesville for another video?

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