Traffic, construction, driving factors in interstate crashes, Trooper says

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Frank Schultz
Monday, September 11, 2017

EDGERTON--Weekend traffic, a construction zone with no shoulders on either side and poor driving led to the eight-vehicle accident that shut down northbound traffic on Interstate 90/39 on Saturday, said a state trooper who responded to the incident.

Two semitrailer trucks and six other vehicles were damaged in the crash, which occurred north of Edgerton in Dane County. Only one person was taken to the hospital for what appeared to be non-life-threatening injuries, said Trooper Lance Rule.

The northbound lanes were closed for about 90 minutes, and southbound lanes slowed to a crawl.

The area is a construction zone, where two lanes carry traffic in each direction, and the four lanes are right next to each other.

“It creates quite a mess if they get crashes in there,” Rule said.

The speed limit is 70 mph there, but the law requires that if conditions make driving dangerous, drivers should slow down, Rule said.

Rule said an ongoing investigation has yet to determine what caused the crash, but speed was a factor. Two citations were issued, one for driving too fast for conditions and one for following too closely, Rule said.

“People are out-driving their brakes. Especially some of the heavier vehicles that take longer to stop,” he said.

Part of the mess around midday Saturday involved first responders, who had no shoulder of the road to use as they fought through traffic to get to the scene, Rule said.

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