Your Views: Labor Day editorial better suited for April Fools’ Day

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letter to the editor
Thursday, September 7, 2017

Your Sunday editorial on Labor Day weekend claims, “The best protection for employees isn’t union membership or just cause policies but a thriving economy.” Well, we are in a thriving economy now, yet many workers are gaining little.

On Page 2A, your paper reports a widening income inequality over the last 30 years: “The top 1 percent in the state has seen their income rise by more than 130 percent over the last three decades. However, the remaining 99 percent saw a less than 10 percent increase in that same time period.”

Workers are losing a great deal of money, and the strong middle class we once had has disappeared. Until workers demand unions, it seems likely that we will have only two classes—rich and poor. This is already affecting many families and society as a whole, with people working two or three jobs but barely making ends meet. Many spend so many hours working that they have little time or energy to pay attention to their families.

The widening differences in income between the richer 1 percent and the poorer 99 percent have continued in these so-called better economic times with their high stock markets and corporate profits.

The times are not so great for the 99 percent, and yet you say “labor’s outlook today has rarely been better.” Surely you jest.

Your editorial’s timing would be better suited for April Fools’ Day than Labor Day.



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