Your Views: Hate-baiting leftists largely to blame for violence

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letter to the editor
Friday, August 18, 2017

No good has ever come from hate, and Donald Trump demonstrates this belief. The leftist hate-baiters are now angry at Trump for not hating enough. Anyone with objectivity would know that Trump is correct by stating there are good people on both sides of the Confederate monument issue, despite the left believing it has moral authority.

Tearing down these monuments is immoral. The liberals want to create the illusion of fighting hate by creating more hate, which is typical. With that said, I blame the left-wing protesters more because one does not attend a white supremacist rally without looking for trouble.

It’s a fact that many, if not all of these recent protests, are fueled by George Soros’ rent-a-mob. They’re paid protesters who have no skin in the game and are there to cause as much chaos and violence as possible.

If we are tearing down these Confederate monuments because they represent a dark time in our history, shouldn’t we also tear down holocaust monuments or anything reminding us of the struggles of the civil rights movement?

If you don’t buy what these racist groups are selling, don’t attend the rallies. If nobody had attended, it would have been over in 15 minutes without incident. No one had to die.

I’m thankful that we have a president that thinks for himself and can see the enemy within and knows how to deal with it. The media, left-wing extremists and establishment types are the true enemies.



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