Your Views: Divisiveness threatens to bring down the nation

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letter to the editor
Friday, August 18, 2017

For many of us who have entered the eighth decade of life in this great country, the daily bombardment of what is going on in the USofA, especially in the past six months, brings a large tear to the eye.

Oh, not all things have been great for all the past 80 years, but the meanness that has taken over the country by our own citizens begs leadership at the top, which is apparently totally absent, and such absence is trickling down throughout our society.

The international threat to our country is bad, but the divisiveness within our own society spells the greatest threat to our way of life, which, if unchecked, could bring a final chapter to the “great American experience.”

Let us pray that leadership reminiscent of the past will emerge before it is too late to reverse the downward spiral.




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