Your Views: Media ignoring scandal involving former DNC chair

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letter to the editor
Tuesday, August 15, 2017

An information technology employee who worked for Democratic U.S. House of Representatives was charged and arrested while trying to leave the country for bank fraud and is under investigation for allegedly double-charging House Democrats for IT equipment, as well as theft of House IT equipment.

From what I’ve seen, this employee declared bankruptcy in 2012 but made millions on the Democratic House payroll. In one account I read, an affidavit was filed with the criminal complaint saying there is probable cause to believe the IT operative and his wife engaged in a scheme to defraud the Congressional Federal Credit Union.

So this guy is under investigation, charged and arrested, and here come the cries of “anti-Muslim bigotry.” But wait, after allegedly committing bank fraud, he wires $283,000 to family in Pakistan, where his wife with $12,000 of cash in hand had previously fled.

This IT guy, according to former DNC Chairperson Wasserman Schultz, was a part time employee but still got over $160,000 a year for his IT services—$160,000 for a part time employee?

Even crazier, Schultz refuses to let the FBI and Capitol Police look at her computer. When confronted, she threatened them with retaliation. What is she hiding? Because of his computer and data access, there are concerns this IT guy shared national classified and sensitive information off of Democrats’ computers.

It’s long overdue the media report fairly! If this had been a Trump staffer or an IT employee of Republicans, the media would go crazy! Shame, shame, shame!



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