Man accused of pressuring girls to send him intimate photos

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Frank Schultz
Tuesday, August 15, 2017

JANESVILLEThe girl thought she was Facebooking with a 15-year-old boy who attends a Janesville high school.

But police say he was a Beloit 20-year-old whom they believe downloaded child pornography on his phone and blackmailed other teens into sending him intimate photos of themselves.

The Janesville girl had sent him intimate photos, too, but her parents found out and told police in March, according to a criminal complaint filed in Rock County Court last week.

That led a Janesville police detective to two other teen girls.

All three, ages 13 to 15, sent photos between January and March to a man who called himself William Hunt, according to the complaint.

The man at first asked the Janesville girl for a photo of her wearing a bra. She declined, but he continued to pester her, and she eventually sent the man progressively more intimate photos, according to the complaint, based on Facebook conversations.

He wrote at one point, “Baby, just do it ... please ... take a pic in the mirror. I'll delete everything, and we can be happy,” according to the complaint.

In a second case, the man started out friendly in Facebook conversations with another Janesville girl and got the girl to send him photos, according to the complaint.

It's not clear what those photos showed, but later he threatened to make earlier photos public unless she sent him more intimate photos.

The girl told the man she felt ill and was going to cry, but she eventually sent the more revealing photos, according to the complaint.

Then the man threatened to publicize those photos unless she sent him a video of her in a sex act with a man, according to the complaint.

The girl eventually blocked the man on Facebook, according to the complaint.

A similar situation happened with the third girl, from Loves Park, Illinois, according to the complaint. The man asked for nude images in exchange for a ride, according to the complaint.

He gave her the ride, and she sent him photos, the complaint states.

The man later asked the Illinois girl to perform a sex act with him, and she told him she was crying, according to the complaint.

The Illinois girl told him she was 18, but she is 13, according to the complaint.

Detectives traced the internet provider address of “William Hunt” to a Roscoe, Illinois, manufacturer, and that led them to a third-shift worker with access to the company's wireless computer network, Dakota J. Meligan, 20, of 1630 Johnson St., Beloit.

Meligan was charged in Rock County Court last week with eight counts of possession of child pornography and three counts of threatening to injure or accuse of a crime, all felonies.

Meligan had stopped working for the manufacturer by the time detectives interviewed him last month, the complaint states.

Meligan told detectives he never publicized the photos he got from the girls.

In searching one of Meligan's phones, analysts from the state Division of Criminal Investigations found images of girls estimated to be between ages 7 and 12 in various lewd poses, and Meligan told police he had searched for child pornography on the internet, according to the complaint.

Police also found a folder of photos for each of the girls mentioned above.

Meligan made his initial court appearance Friday, where he was ordered held on a $5,000 cash bond and ordered to have no contact with the three girls, no intentional contact with minors and that he not use a computer, internet or social media.

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