Local Views: Keep the city's soul strong

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Jackie Wood
Friday, August 11, 2017

A library is the soul of the community. It welcomes all. It shows no prejudice or bias, and it reaches all ages and walks of life.

From its welcoming armchairs to its vast array of books in all shapes, sizes and formats, the library educates, entertains, enlightens and encourages us in many ways. It offers informational programs and classes, quiet respite and, of course, a congenial and knowledgeable staff who are always willing and able to help find anything (even when you do not know what you might be looking for).

A community needs a soul, and our community has a soul in the Hedberg Public Library, in all its wonderful facets, for all of us to enjoy and enrich our lives.

Twenty years ago, the Hedberg family gave this community a wonderful gift in the renovation of Janesville’s library building, creating a unique architecture which stands as a testament to their generosity and foresight for a great community resource. It is up to us and the city of Janesville to maintain our library and update it for the future generations that will continue to use this valuable resource.

Hedberg Public Library’s Transformation Project, now underway, will raise funds to upgrade its outdated technology and offer more room to the growing population of children as they become teens. The project will also offer our community a program room that can be accessed after library hours for public use, among other things, all with the intention of creating a better space to serve all.

As Andrew Carnegie had the foresight to make sure communities had libraries, we must ensure that our Hedberg Public Library has the resources and technology for the future.

Please consider becoming a part of this effort. Visit the library to walk through the planned changes and pick up a donation form or go online to CFSW.org to donate to the Hedberg Capital Campaign Fund. Our future depends on you!

Jackie Wood is one of three co-chairs for the Transform Your Library Campaign.

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