Sound Off for Wednesday, Aug. 9: Trump's mental health, North Korea and fire pits

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Compiled by Gazette staff
Wednesday, August 9, 2017

On Obamacare subsidies: A U.S. senator’s annual pay is $174,000, but some senators, including Sen. Tammy Baldwin, also have 72 percent of their Obamacare premiums paid with taxpayer subsidies, while a middle-class worker in Wisconsin who earns $50,000 a year earns too much to qualify for these same subsidies. What a shame.

On diagnosing President Trump: The Saturday “Your Views” description of a sociopath hit the nail right on the head. In your endeavor, look up pathological liar. Our president has most of those symptoms also. It’s time to dig into the diagnosis of a sociopath and pathological liar. It would be to your benefit and also educate you.

--Lack of remorse, shallow emotions, contempt toward those who seek to understand him, authoritarian, secretive, extreme narcissism and grandiosity—yup, sounds like Barack Obama.

--A proper diagnosis requires a clinical evaluation. News stories and personal opinions hardly qualify as evidence.

On Trump’s favorite leaders: We have a president who seems to admire the most brutal dictators in the world who jail and kill people without a trial. I wonder if that is what we want our country to look like.

On North Korea: Despite Secretary of State Tillerson’s assurances, Kim Jong-un has good reason to fear U.S.-backed regime change. Some recent examples are Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi and Bashar al-Assad.

On the Janesville sanitary landfill: I have a comment about the city dump. We took mattresses in one time, and the guy was very nice and didn’t charge us anything. We took three more mattresses back the other day, and the person there was very rude, very mean and charged us $12. How does that work? Are we getting charged depending on the person working and their mood?

On the Saturday Public Record (Page 6A): I was horrified to read the Saturday Public Record section. Out of 28 cases before the judge, 18 charges were dismissed but read into the court records. How disappointing it must have been for the officers involved.

On Foxconn: For those who are licking their lips about Foxconn, you perhaps should keep some Chapstick handy. Where is Wisconsin going to get all the money for these incentives? When things sound too good to be true, they usually are. What’s in your wallet?

On Sunday editorial, "Foxconn deal gets better and better... for Illinois": Everyone who reads this article is now stupider for having done so. We are not writing a check to Foxconn. They are writing a smaller check to us. Every job we get is an up, not a down. If Illinois gets some of these jobs, that’s good for Illinois, but it doesn’t necessarily cost us anything. There is no downside, so they have to invent a downside.

On Walk a Mile in Her Shoes initiative: I want to comment that the Rock County Courthouse looks very unprofessional with all those high heels all over the courthouse. If you are going to allow one agency to put all their high heels everywhere, you need to do that for the rest of the agencies.

On fire pits in Janesville: You can go to the city of Janesville website and get the regulations for fire pits. You may report any violation of these regulations by calling (Rock County dispatch) 608-757-2244 for such things as nuisance fire smoke, burning of yard waste and things like that. Some city council members are also receptive to your thoughts on fire pits. Their email addresses may also be found on the city website.

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