Your Views: Trump’s behavior fits description of a sociopath

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letter to the editor
Thursday, August 3, 2017

Being in the mental health field for some 25 years with a master’s degree in social work, I have concerns about our president. The more I view his behavior, the more concerned I become he may be a sociopath.

There are several online resources, including the American Psychiatric Association’s “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual V,” people can explore to consider this issue.

You will note the definition of sociopath, psychopath and anti-personality disorders overlap one another. I am sharing information here from the article “Profiles of a Sociopath” by psychologist R. Preston McAfee. The symptoms I’m listing here, gained from my experience, pertain to a sociopath: lack of remorse, shame or guilt; shallow emotions; incapacity for love; need for stimulation; callousness/lack of empathy; poor behavior controls/impulsive nature; irresponsibility/unreliability; contempt toward those who seek to understand them; authoritarian; secretive; paranoid; extreme narcissism and grandiosity; readily stated goal to rule the world.

Do any of these items fit our president?

My concern is that a president exhibiting many of the symptoms listed above is a very dangerous person. He may not be satisfied being just the political leader of our country. He may assume the status of a dictator and want to rule the country, then perhaps the world or join with Vladimir Putin to co-rule the world. What happens then?

I encourage those who read this letter to look into the diagnosis of a sociopath, make their own interpretation and act accordingly.



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