Your Views: GOP clueless in trying to navigate health care

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letter to the editor
Thursday, July 6, 2017

Amy Holterman is certainly off base with her health care pronouncements (“The GOP is working to fix Obamacare disaster,” Saturday). Democrats do not continue to ignore Obamacare problems. The House and Senate GOP have excluded Democrats from their secretive closed meetings that have resulted in such flawed health care alternatives.

Face it, Amy, after campaigning for seven years against the Affordable Care Act, the GOP now owns health care. The reason that the GOP cannot come up with a good program is that Barack Obama beat them to the Republican health care program. That’s right, Obama co-opted Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts GOP health care and made it the ACA. While Ryan and his minions have been decrying Obamacare, they have been shooting at the original GOP plan. Now the GOP does not know what to do about health care, except cut taxes and make everything worse.

There is a difference between opposing all things Obama and actually legislating. House Speaker Paul Ryan has been on the public payroll 17 years, and all we have to show for it are some flashy PowerPoint presentations announcing the end of our country’s fiscal life. Ryan’s solution is to always cut taxes, no matter what the problem.

You can give Ryan credit for one fact: Every year Ryan has been in Congress (regardless of the party in power), the deficit has increased. Slogans and esoteric proposals/presentations are Ryan’s specialties. Delivering and passing meaningful legislation is beyond his capability even when the GOP controls all the levers of government.




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