Your Views: Democrats’ ‘resist’ slogan inciting violence

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letter to the editor
Friday, June 23, 2017

Look at the Democrats “resist.”

Just recently, leftist Kathy Griffin held up a bloody and decapitated head of our president. Before her, influential leftists called for blowing up the White House. Before that, masked leftists rioted and destroyed property on college campuses. Before that, Portland leftists threatened to rough up Republicans if they marched in a local parade.

Now look at what they’ve done. We have more “resistance” in the form of an attempted massacre of Republican politicians playing baseball. James Hodgkinson got his ideas from somewhere. Was it the “resist” posters displayed at the local Democrat headquarters?

Here’s a fact: After the November election, leftists have been explicitly advocating violence against Republicans and President Trump. How can anyone justify this kind of aggression? It is un-American, and it needs to stop. “Resist” is a terrible slogan for the Democratic Party, and it is inciting violence.

It is difficult to understand why the American left now embraces violence. Another popular leftist slogan from recent months is “punch a Nazi.” This one is a favorite among lefties donning ski masks. Who does this? What kind of person goes into public and assaults others while they conceal their own identity?

This country needs to promote free and civil discourse. Democrats like Maxine Waters need to tone it down. This country survived Obama, and it will survive Trump. Apparently we are seeing the era of a new Democratic Party, one with riots and guns. I like the old one.


Genoa City

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